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Blum R.S., Liu Z. (Eds.) Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications

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Blum R.S., Liu Z. (Eds.) Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications
Taylor & Francis Group. 2006. - 536 p.
This book explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of image fusion techniques. The approaches include, but are not limited to, statistical methods, color related techniques, model-based methods, and visual information display strategies. Applications of image fusion techniques are also highlighted in this book. The particular applications discussed include medical diagnosis, surveillance systems, biometric systems, remote sensing, nondestructive evaluation, blurred image restoration, and image quality assessment. Each chapter contains a description of research progress on image fusion and highlights methods for solving practical problems with proposed techniques. Due to the intimate relationship between registration and fusion, registering multisensor images is another topic featured. In particular, an in-depth discussion of multisensor image registration can be found in several chapters. In total, this book consists of 16 chapters. Each of these contributions will now be described in more detail.
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