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Moore Ch., Smith K.R. Renewable Energy in South East Europe

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Moore Ch., Smith K.R. Renewable Energy in South East Europe
GMB Publishing Ltd., London, 2007, 86 pages, ISBN 1-84673-050-3
Recent developments in the European gas markets have brought into sharp focus the need for Russia’s energy clients to give more serious consideration to their energy supply security.
Many, if not all, of the markets covered by this publication are dependent upon Russia for their principal basic energy source. This, coupled with increasing emphasis world-wide on GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions reduction and the advent of carbon trading mechanisms, provides both an incentive and an opportunity for these markets to maximize their RE resource development to meet future demand.
This publication will provide targeted background information to assist industry professionals, potential investors and prospective developers in their assessment of the opportunities available within the subject markets as they seek to incorporate RE into a balanced energy portfolio for future needs.
Provides an overview of the RE (Renewable Energy) climate in [South East Europe], with references to current legislative environment and promotion strategy;
Reviews and assesses each market in terms of existing RE capacity, demand, government incentives support, drivers and economic viability;
Provides analysis of RE resources in each market;
Reports on applicable tariff structures for RE projects by market and RE category;
Gives examples of installed RE capacity by market and category;
Comments on RE opportunities;
Provides listings of useful contacts in the fields of government, technology partners, investment partners, banking and legal.
What is ‘Renewable Energy’?
Why Renewable Energy?
How is RE defined?
Generic definitions
Current project developments
The review markets
RE policy
Grid access, distribution
RE resources
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Fyr Macedonia
Serbia & Montenegro
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