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Rigsby M. Doable Renewables: 16 Alternative Energy Projects for Young Scientists

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Rigsby M. Doable Renewables: 16 Alternative Energy Projects for Young Scientists
Independent Publishers Group, Chicago Review Press, 2010. — 195 p. — ISBN 978-1-56976-343-8.
The plans in this book allow you to construct and explore working models that generate renewable energy. Most chapters include additional suggestions for creating science projects. The projects employ several methods for converting energy into useful forms. Remember, everything that moves, makes noise, warms up, cools down, or dries out requires the transfer of energy.
Humankind needs to find and develop alternative forms of energy. As the world’s population continues to grow, more people will need access to lighting, communication, transit, and computing. Fossil fuels are being used up at an alarming pace, but other energy sources-solar, wind, waves, waste heat, and even human power-are both renewable and environmentally friendly. The projects in this book will help any budding scientist construct and explore working models that generate renewable, alternative energy.
In Doable Renewables, readers will learn how to build a Kelvin water drop generator out of six recycled cans and alligator clip jumpers, a solar-powered seesaw from a large dial thermometer and a magnifying glass, and a windmill from eight yardsticks, PVC pipe, cardboard, and converter generator. Children will investigate the energy-generating properties of a solar cell, a radiometer, a Nitinol heat engine, and a Peltier cell. They’ll even build a human-powered desk lamp.
Each project includes a materials and tools list, as well as online information on where to find specialized components. And for young scientists, author Mike Rigsby demonstrates how to use an infrared thermometer, a digital multimeter, and an electrical usage monitor to test their designs. Armed with this collection of technological possibilities, can the solution to the earth’s energy crisis be far off?
Simple Heat Engine
Nitinol Spring Wheel
Solar Drinking Bird
The Way the World Works
Stirling Engine
Solar Seesaw
Measuring Tools
Solar Cell with Concentrated Sunlight
Nitinol Spring Heat Engine
Peltier Cell
Solar Chimney
Kelvin Water Drop Generator
Ultracapacitor Solar Storage
Heat-Powered Fan
Wave Generator
Light Efficiency
Human-Powered Light
Different Dunking Bird
Electricity in the Ground
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