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Costa L.F., Cesar R.M. Shape Classification and Analysis: Theory and Practice

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Costa L.F., Cesar R.M. Shape Classification and Analysis: Theory and Practice
Second Edition. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009. - 675 p.
The second edition of Shape Analysis and Classification: Theory and Practice incorporates important enhancements from the last reprint version. The book has been graphically reformulated and we hope the reader will like the new design (fonts, equations, figures, and references). We have implemented a number of corrections and improvements, many of which suggested by readers of the first edition, to whom we are very grateful. New material has been added, in particular new sections on topics like graph and complex networks, dimensionality reduction as well as a new chapter on structural pattern recognition and shape representation using graphs. The reference list has been updated generally.
The book now includes a new type of Box called Additional Resources indicating useful resources on the World Wide Web (WWW) such as software, databases and videos. In particular, some open-source software projects related to the subjects covered in this book have been initiated since its first edition was issued. Links to these open-source projects are now provided throughout the book (also available from http://ccsl.ime.usp.br/). The user is invited to know, use and help to develop all these projects! The second edition of the book has a new URL: http://www.vision.ime.usp.br/~cesar/shape/. In addition, slides that may be useful in courses and talks based on the book are now available at: http://www.vision.ime.usp.br/~cesar/shape/slides.
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