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Rao C.N.R., Biswas K. Essentials of Inorganic Materials Synthesis

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Rao C.N.R., Biswas K. Essentials of Inorganic Materials Synthesis
Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2015. — 224 p. — ISBN 978-1-118-83254-7 (hardback).
This compact handbook describes all the important methods of synthesis employed today for synthesizing inorganic materials.
Some features:
Focuses on modern inorganic materials with applications in nanotechnology, energy materials, and sustainability
Synthesis is a crucial component of materials science and technology; this book provides a simple introduction as well as an updated description of methods
Written in a very simple style, providing references to the literature to get details of the methods of preparation when required
Author Biographies
Common Reactions Employed in Synthesis
Ceramic Methods
Decomposition of Precursor Compounds
Combustion Synthesis
Arc and Skull Methods
Reactions at High Pressures
Mechanochemical and Sonochemical Methods
Use of Microwaves
Soft Chemistry Routes
Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis
Chemical Vapour Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition
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