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Obara Sh. Optimum Design of Renewable Energy Systems: Microgrid and Nature Grid Methods

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Obara Sh. Optimum Design of Renewable Energy Systems: Microgrid and Nature Grid Methods
IGI Global, Engineering Science Reference, Hershey PA, 2014, 430 pages, ISBN-10: 1466657960, ISBN-13: 9781466657960
Advances in Environmental Engineering and Green Technologies
The management of global warming is a relevant issue throughout the world and has experts of various fields considering various methods to control Earths atmospheric temperature. While microgrid technology is emerging as the next generation energy supply system, renewable energy is often unstable and requires the support of conventional energy equipment.
Optimum Design of Renewable Energy Systems: Microgrid and Nature Grid Methods investigates the development of highly efficient energy storage equipment and of operation optimization technology of compound energy systems. This book is an essential reference source for technical consultants, urban environment engineers, and energy researchers interested in the development of efficient energy systems and operation optimization technology.
Control of global warming is a common subject in the world. Therefore, the challengers of various fields are considering methods to control global warming. Microgrid technology is expected as a next-generation energy supply system. However, since renewable energy is unstable, in many cases, it requires support by the conventional energy equipment. We are investigating the compound energy system from the following two viewpoints. One is the development of highly efficient energy storage equipment represented by a battery and heat-storage tank. Another is development of the operation optimization technology of the compound energy system including green energy. It is thought that the energy supply method shifts from the individual operation of large-scale plant to distribution of small equipment or microgrid. Moreover, a microgrid develops into a smart-grid by various added values with IT technology.
On the other hand, it was predicted that the reduction technology of the greenhouse gas of a microgrid progressed sharply, and we named the nature-grid. A microgrid, a smart grid, and a nature-grid require fusion of energy technology and an information technology. For example, the operation in consideration of the green energy change with load prediction and weather prediction of a compound energy system can be planned. This book describes the operation optimization technology by compound utilization of a PEFC, PEFC-SOFC combined system, bio-ethanol solar reforming, wind-power generation, woody biomass engine, city-gas engine, diesel power plant, etc. The technology described in this book plays a large role in the development of a small-scale power-generation system, a microgrid, a smart-grid, and a nature-grid, which are introduced into individual houses, apartment houses or local area power supplies.
Operating Schedule of a Combined Energy Network System
Dynamic Characteristics of a Fuel Cell System and Microgrid
Effective Improvement in Generation Efficiency of a Fuel Cell Microgrid
Installation Plan of a Fuel Cell Cogeneration System
Fuel Cell Microgrid with Wind Power Generation
Compound Microgrid of City-Gas Engine and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Independent Microgrid Composed of Distributed Engine Generator
Characteristics of PEFC / Woody Biomass Engine Hybrid Microgrid and Exergy Analysis
Design Support Using a Neural Network Algorithm
Microgrid with Numerical Weather Information
SOFC-PEFC Combined Microgrid
Bioethanol Solar Reforming System for Distributed Fuel Cell
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