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Reiss J.D., McPherson A.P. Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application

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Reiss J.D., McPherson A.P. Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application
Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2015. — 343 p. — ISBN: 1466560282.
This book explores digital audio effects relevant to audio signal processing and music informatics. It supplies fundamental background information on digital signal processing, focusing on audio-specific aspects that constitute the building block on which audio effects are developed. The text integrates theory and practice, relating technical implementation to musical implications. It can be used to gain an understanding of the operation of existing audio effects or to create new ones. In addition to delivering detailed coverage of common (and unusual) audio effects, the book discusses current digital audio standards, most notably VST and AudioUnit. Source code is provided in C/C++ and implemented as audio effect plug-ins with accompanying sound samples. Each section of the book includes study questions, anecdotes from the history of music technology, and examples that offer valuable real-world insight, making this an ideal resource for researchers and for students moving directly into industry.
Introduction and Fundamentals
Delay Line Effects
Filter Design
Filter Effects
Amplitude Modulation
Dynamics Processing
Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz
The Phase Vocoder
Spatial Audio
The Doppler Effect
Audio Production
Building Audio Effect Plug-Ins
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