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Longstaff A. Astrobiology: An Introduction

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Longstaff A. Astrobiology: An Introduction
N.-Y.: CRC Press, 2014. - 336p.
Astrobiology is a multidisciplinary pursuit that in various guises encompasses astronomy, chemistry, planetary and Earth sciences, and biology. It relies on mathematical, statistical, and computer modeling for theory, and space science, engineering, and computing to implement observational and experimental work. Consequently, when studying astrobiology, a broad scientific canvas is needed. For example, it is now clear that the Earth operates as a system; it is no longer appropriate to think in terms of geology, oceans, atmosphere, and life as being separate
Origin of the elements
The chemistry of space
Habitable Earth
Building the solar system
Early Earth
Properties of life
Terrestrial biochemistry
Origin of life
Early life
Icy worlds
Detecting exoplanets
Exoplanetary systems
Prospecting for life
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