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Kolb V.M. Astrobiology: An Evolutionary Approach

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Kolb V.M. Astrobiology: An Evolutionary Approach
N.-Y.: CRC Press, 2014. - 510p.
Astrobiology: an overview
Origin of elements and formation of solar system, planets and exoplanets
Astrobiology education and public outreach
Analysis of extraterrestrial organic matter in Murchison meteorite: a progress report
Prebiotic syntheses of biochemical compounds: an overview
Biochemical pathways as evidence for prebiotic syntheses
Roles of silicon in life on earth and elsewhere
Fossil records for early life on earth
Prebiotic chemistry: in water and in the solid state
Encapsulation of organic materials in protocells
Role of phosphorus in prebiotic chemistry
Cold and dry limits of life
Microorganisms in space
Search for life on Mars: an astrogeological approach
Elusive definition of life: a survey of main ideas
Language and communication as universal requirements for life
Transition from abiotic to biotic: is there an algorithm for it?
Extraterrestrial life: what are we looking for?
Evolutionary approach to viruses in astrobiology
Virolution can help us understand the origin of life
Can virolution help us understand recent human evolution?
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