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Frankel T. The Geometry of Physics: An Introduction

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Frankel T. The Geometry of Physics: An Introduction
3rd ed. — Cambridge University Press, 2011. — 749 pages. — ISBN: 978-1107602601
This book is intended to provide a working knowledge of those parts of exterior differential forms, differential geometry, algebraic and differential topology, Lie groups, vector bundles, and Chern forms that are essential for a deeper understanding of both classical and modern physics and engineering. Included are discussions of analytical and fluid dynamics, elec-tromagnetism (in flat and curved space), thermodynamics, elasticity theory, the geometry and topology of Kirchhoff’s electric circuit laws, soap films, special and general relativity, the Dirac operator and spinors, and gauge fields, including Yang–Mills, the Aharonov–Bohm effect, Berry phase, and instanton winding numbers, quarks, and the quark model for mesons. Before a discussion of abstract notions of differential geometry, geometric intuition is developed through a rather extensive introduction to the study of surfaces in ordinary space; consequently, the book should be of interest also to mathematics students.
This book will be useful to graduate and advance undergraduate students of physics, engineering, and mathematics. It can be used as a course text or for self-study.
This Third Edition includes a new overview of Cartan’s exterior differential forms. It previews many of the geometric concepts developed in the text and illustrates their applications to a single extended problem in engineering; namely, the Cauchy stresses created by a small twist of an elastic cylindrical rod about its axis.
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