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Metkar S., Talbar S. Motion Estimation Techniques for Digital Video Coding

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Metkar S., Talbar S. Motion Estimation Techniques for Digital Video Coding
New Delhi: Springer, 2013. - 70 p.
This book incorporates comprehensive account of techniques suggested by different people for achievement of a more faithful transmission and reproduction of videos using limited bandwidth. The author has attempted to present different techniques starting with most initial to most advanced and effective, so that the student will be able to learn them with ease. Our goal for this book is to provide an extensive development of a methodology to estimate the motion field between two frames pertaining to video coding applications. Block matching techniques are generally used for motion estimation in video coding. In this context, the best solution from the quality point of view is represented by a full search algorithm that considers every possible detail while requiring however an enormous computational complexity. Different suboptimal solutions have been proposed in the literature. This book proposes an exhaustive study of the motion estimation process in the framework of a general video coder. This work presents a novel method named as Modified Orthogonal Search Algorithm (MOSA) for the block-based motion estimation. We introduced the center-biased search point pattern for the estimation of small motions and a half way stop technique to reduce the computational complexity.
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