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Chaudhuri S., Joshi M. Motion-free super-resolution

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Chaudhuri S., Joshi M. Motion-free super-resolution
New York: Springer, 2005. -245 p.
Unlike in the area of motion-based super-resolution, the amount of published literature in this area is almost insignificant. Hence the current state of research in motion-free super-resolution is still in its primordial stage. We cannot claim that the contents of the monograph would relate to a firm recommendation of new technologies for immediate absorption by the industry. Rather, this book is meant to serve as a fodder for new research ideas in this area.
The book is addressed to a broad audience. It should be of great value to both practitioners and researchers in the area of image processing and computer vision. All topics have been covered with sufficient details so that there is no specific pre-requisite. A basic familiarity with the area of image processing should suffice. Hence the students may find this monograph useful as a reference book. We have provided a large number figures to help understand the topics well.
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