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Bovik A., Chen C., Goldgof D. (Eds.) Advances in image processing and understanding. A festschrift for Thomas S. Huang

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Bovik A., Chen C., Goldgof D. (Eds.) Advances in image processing and understanding. A festschrift for Thomas S. Huang
New Jersey: World Scientific, 2002. - 398 p.
This volume of original papers has been assembled to honour the achievements of Professor Thomas S. Huang in the area of image processing and image analysis. Professor Huang's life of inquiry has spanned a number of decades, as his work on imaging problems began in 1960's. Over the years, he has made many fundamental and pioneering contributions to nearly every area of this field. Professor Huang has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Jack Kilby Signal Processing Medal from IEEE. He has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and named Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of OSA, Fellow of IAPR and Fellow of SPIE. Professor Huang has made fundamental contributions to image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision, including: design and stability test of multidimensional digital filters, digital holography; compression techniques for documents and images; 3D motion and modelling, analysis and visualization of the human face, hand and body, multi-modal human-computer interfaces; and multimedia databases. This volume is intended to highlight his contributions by showing the breadth of areas in which his students are working. As such, contributed chapters were written by some of his many former graduate students (some with Professor Huang as a co-author) and illustrate not only his contributions to imaging science but also his commitment to educational endeavour. The breadth of contributions is an indication of influence of Professor Huang to the field of signal processing, image processing, computer vision and applications; there are chapters on learning in image retrieval, facial motion analysis, cloud motion tracking, wavelet coding, robust video transmission, and many other topics. The appendix contains several reprints of Professor Huang's most influential papers from the 1970's to 1990's. This text is designed for image processing researchers, including academic faculty, graduate students and industry researchers, as well as professionals working in application areas.
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