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Kazuzo Kudo. Dynamic Judo throwing techniques

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Kazuzo Kudo. Dynamic Judo throwing techniques
Tokyo; San Francisco; New York: Japan Publications Trading Company, 1967. — 224 p.
The explanatory texts cover the techniques thoroughly, case by case, clause by clause, as meticulously as a legal document. Series photographs back up and clarify the explanations. Only a man who knows the techniques completely and who has mastered their very inner meanings could write a book like this one. This is why Dynamic Judo is impossible to top.
This book includes the 64 throwing techniques and all of their variant application methods, which bring the total to over 100 techniques. Of course, number alone is nothing to brag about. The real value of the explanations lies in the equal depth and thoroughness with which all of them are analyzed and all of their essential meanings brought to the surface.
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