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Nadeau R., Kafatos M. The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind

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Nadeau R., Kafatos M. The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind
Oxford University Press, 1999, 240 pages, ISBN: 0195132564
The latest of many attempts to link subatomic physics to broader human concerns, this brisk, uneven volume splits neatly in two: the first half explains key ideas in quantum physics, and the second makes grand claims about their worth for other fields. Classical physics rules out "action at a distance." (You can't move a billiard ball unless something-a pool cue, an air jet, lightning-contacts it.) But quantum physics permits "non-local" action, and recent experiments prove it: do certain things to one photon, and you'll affect another faster than light can travel between the two.
Hence, "all of physical reality is a single quantum system that responds together to further interactions," say the authors. Nadeau (a historian of science) and Kafatos (a physicist), both professors at George Mason University, move from these cogent, compact exegeses of quantum non-locality to its purported meanings for biology, philosophy and even economics. Non-locality, Nadeau and Kafatos contend-with its attendant "complementarity" between parts and wholes-helps explain the origins of life, speaks to the evolution of consciousness, solves the dilemmas of recent social and literary thought and bridges for good the divides between mind and matter, arts and sciences. The authors bring up, but don't always keep in mind, the difference between explanation and analogy. Some arguments "prove" truths most potential readers already know (e.g., we ought to work to save the rain forests); others (about evolution and about French theory) seem facile. Nonetheless, Nadeau and Kafatos supply plenty of food for thought: the apparently recondite concept of non-locality, they suggest, has consequences everywhere.
Quantum Nonlocality: An Amazing New Fact of Nature
Leaving the Realm of the Visualizable: Waves, Quanta, and the Rise of Quantum Theory
Quantum Connections: Wave-Particle Dualism
Over Any Distance in "No Time": Bell's Theorem and the Aspect and Gisin Experiments
Ways of Knowing: A New Epistemology of Science
The Logic of Nature: Complementarity and the New Biology
The Evolution of Mind: The Symbol-Making Animal
Mind Matters: Mega-Narratives and the Two-Culture War
Mind Matters: Metaphysics in Quantum Physics
Mind Matters: Poets of a New Reality
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