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Bug A.L., Haase D.G. Forces and Motion

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Bug A.L., Haase D.G. Forces and Motion
Chelsea House Publications, New York, 2008, 134 pages, ISBN: 0791089312
Physics in Action
The term motion means a change in the position of a body with respect to time, as measured by a particular observer in a particular frame of reference. Forces and Motion explores these scientific topics and looks at how physics, through simple and general concepts, affects the way people live and how the world around them works.
Introduction: The Science of Machines and More
Getting from Here to There: Describing Motion with Words, Pictures, and Equations
Speeding Up and Slowing Down: The Relationship between Speed and Acceleration
Motion in a Three-­ Dimensional World: Using Vectors to Describe Kinematics
Accelerated Motions
Forces: What They Are and What They Do
Forces and Accelerations
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