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Quinn H.R., Nir Y. The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter

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Quinn H.R., Nir Y. The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
Princeton University Press, 2008, 278 pages, ISBN: 0691133093
In the first fractions of a second after the Big Bang lingers a question at the heart of our very existence: why does the universe contain matter but almost no antimatter? The laws of physics tell us that equal amounts of matter and antimatter were produced in the early universe—but then something odd happened. Matter won out over antimatter; had it not, the universe today would be dark and barren.
But how and when did this occur? In The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter, Helen Quinn and Yossi Nir guide readers into the very heart of this mystery—and along the way offer an exhilarating grand tour of cutting-edge physics.
Prelude: The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter
Constant Physics in an Evolving Universe
As the Universe Expands
What Is Antimatter?
Enter Neutrinos
Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Antiglass
The Survival of Matter
Enter Quarks
Energy Rules
Symmetry Rules
Standard Model Gauge Symmetries
A Missing Piece
It Still Doesn’t Work!
Tools of the Trade
Searching for Clues
Neutrino Surprises
Following the New Clues
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