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Ibrahim A., Siddique Sh., Hussain Y. Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia

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Ibrahim A., Siddique Sh., Hussain Y. Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia
Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1985. — 408 p.
Ибрахим А., Сыддык Ш., Хуссайн Й. Ислам в Юго-Восточной Азии (на англ. яз.)
Early Islamization.
Colonial Rule.
Post-Independence Politics.
The Institutionalization of Islam.
Socio-Cultural Settings.
Perspectives on Modernization.
Southeast Asia is a home of all the major religions of the world — Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism — but the geographical spread of these is such that the bonds binding their adherents defy and accentuate political and territorial divides and boundaries. The case of Islam is especially
striking in this respect, as its followers are present in significant numbers in almost every Southeast Asian country. Moreover, as Islam is both a religion and a way of life, its ramifications in the region are wide and far-ranging, whether viewed in terms of inter-group and inter-personal contacts, or even the market-place and international relations. This volume of selected readings on Islam is therefore a portrait of the Southeast Asian Islamic mosaic, with emphasis on the contemporary period. The collection of articles also serves to reflect the broad thematic interest of scholars — not only indigenous and foreign, but also Muslim and non-Muslim — who have contributed to an understanding of Islam in Southeast Asia.
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