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Фармакопея. USP 30-NF 25 Фармакопея США, 2007

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Электронная версия USP 30–NF 25 (2007). Удобный поиск.
Mission and Preface.
USP 30–NF 25.
This section provides background information on the United States Pharmacopeial Convention.
(USP), as well as general information about the 30 th revision of the United States.
Pharmacopeia (USP 30) and the 25th edition of the National Formulary (NF 25). Additional.
official information about the specific uses of these texts is provided in the General Notices and.
Requirements (page 1).
USP–NF is published in continuing pursuit of the mission of USP: The United States.
Pharmacopeia promotes the public health and benefits practitioners and patients by.
disseminating authoritative standards and information developed by its volunteers for.
medicines, other health care technologies, and related practices used to maintain and improve.
health and promote optimal health care delivery.
Working with many constituencies and stakeholders around the world, USP's compendial.
activities support the availability of safe, effective, good-quality pharmaceutical care for all.
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