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Metcalfe David, Dev Harveer. Oxford Assess and Progress. Situational Judgement Test

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Metcalfe David, Dev Harveer. Oxford Assess and Progress. Situational Judgement Test
Second Edition. Oxford University Press, 2014. — 258 pages.
Your prescription for exam success.
Written by clinicians and educational experts, these unique guides present complete coverage for your exam revision, with illustrative material and tips to help you succeed in your medical exams.
Being a doctor is a huge privilege: we touch and change lives and enjoy unparalleled levels of public trust. But the high reputation enjoyed by the medical profession depends on all who practise medicine behaving in a way that continues to command confidence and respect. A great deal of what we do depends on knowledge and skills, and we all keep learning new facts or embracing new ideas throughout our careers. But there is another and equally important aspect of being a doctor and that is about knowing our limitations. Really good doctors will know the limit of what they know and what they can do. No one—most of all the patient you're seeing at that moment—will thank you for doing something that you're simply not able to do. Whether it's thinking that you remember the dose of a drug but not checking, or soldiering on because you think it's a sign of weakness to ask for help, or advising someone about the risks of a procedure you've never done, or myriad other pitfalls, knowing the limits of your own abilities is one of a doctor's most important qualities.
The General Medical Council has been guiding doctors in the area of professionalism for over 150 years. The world has changed a lot over that time, but some of the qualities that define the physician are timeless and have endured. This book guides you through various scenarios where your professionalism could be tested and helpfully references some of our guidance. The message is simple but fundamentally important: saying that you don't know, but will find someone who does, is a sign of professional maturity.
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