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Saleh H. JavaScript Mobile Application Development

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Saleh H. JavaScript Mobile Application Development
Packt Publishing, 2014. — 332 p. — ISBN: 978-1-78355-417-1.
На англ. языке.

Whether you are developing a mobile app for iPad or on a Windows Phone, you need to learn the specific languages and technologies for that device. This is where Apache Cordova shines.
This book is the learning resource to use when you want to efficiently develop your own mobile applications using Apache Cordova as the platform for your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In order to develop good-looking mobile applications, this book also utilizes jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile is one of the best available frameworks for developing mobile-friendly web applications.
After finishing this book, you should be able to develop your very own mobile application on different mobile platforms using only JavaScript, without having to learn the native programming languages of every mobile platform.
What You Will Learn:
Develop, build, run, and deploy great cross-platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova;
Create complete mobile apps using Apache Cordova that run on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone;
Access the device's native functions by utilizing the Apache Cordova APIs;
Create a neat user interface for your mobile application using jQuery Mobile;
Increase the quality and robustness of your mobile applications by developing unit tests for their logic;
Design, develop, and automate tests for your mobile application using Jasmine, Karma, and Jenkins CI;
Extend the power of Apache Cordova by creating your own Apache Cordova cross-platform mobile plugins;
Explore some of the differences between the mobile platforms and learn how to handle these differences in a maintainable way.
Who This Book Is For:
If you are a native mobile developer, with some familiarity with the common web technologies of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, or if you are a web developer, then this learning guide will add great value and impact to your work. Learning how to develop mobile applications using Apache Cordova is of particular importance if you are looking to develop applications on a variety of different platforms efficiently.
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