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Esposito D., Saltarello A. Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise

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Esposito D., Saltarello A. Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise
2nd Edition. — Microsoft Press, 2014. — 417 p. — ISBN-10: 0735685355, ISBN-13: 978-0735685352.
На англ. языке.
A software architect’s digest of core practices, pragmatically applied.
Designing effective architecture is your best strategy for managing project complexity–and improving your results. But the principles and practices of software architecting–what the authors call the science of hard decisions–have been evolving for cloud, mobile, and other shifts. Now fully revised and updated, this book shares the knowledge and real-world perspectives that enable you to design for success–and deliver more successful solutions.
In this fully updated Second Edition, you will:
Learn how only a deep understanding of domain can lead to appropriate architecture;
Examine domain-driven design in both theory and implementation;
Shift your approach to code first, model later–including multilayer architecture;
Capture the benefits of prioritizing software maintainability;
See how readability, testability, and extensibility lead to code quality;
Take a user experience (UX) first approach, rather than designing for data;
Review patterns for organizing business logic;
Use event sourcing and CQRS together to model complex business domains more effectively;
Delve inside the persistence layer, including patterns and implementation.
Who should read this book:
Software architects are the ideal audience for this book, but lead developers and
developers of any type of .NET applications will find this book beneficial. Ever yone who
wants to be an architect should find this book helpful and worth the cost.
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