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Alexander L.G. For and Against. Audio

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Alexander L.G. For and Against. Audio
30 audio lessons accompanying the famous book. An oral practice for advanced students of English. — Running time 1:47:13.
For and Against consists of thirty essays which argue in favour of a proposition. They are deliberately provocative to spark off a spontaneous debate in the classroom using arguments and counter-arguments. The passages are not academic essays; they are informal and conversational in style and cover a wide range of subjects of general interest, some serious, some lighthearted.
Aimed at secondary or adult students who are preparing for the proficiency of English examination or who wish to improve their command of spoken English.
The following procedure is recommended before reading aloud, answering and asking mixed questions, oral composition and class discussion or debate:
(a) Listening (books shut)
(b) Listening and understanding (books open)
(c) Listening (books shut).
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