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Deng C., Ma L., Lin W., Ngan K.N. Visual Signal Quality Assessment. Quality of Experience (QoE)

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Deng C., Ma L., Lin W., Ngan K.N. Visual Signal Quality Assessment. Quality of Experience (QoE)
Springer, 2015. — 311 p.
With rapidly advancing computer and network technologies, various visual signals (including image, video, graphics, animation, etc.) are produced, and visual quality of experience (QoE) plays an important role in multimedia applications and services. Visual QoE evaluation is essential not only on its own for testing, optimizing, and inspecting related algorithms, systems and services, but also for shaping and decision-making for virtually all multimedia signal processing and transmission algorithms. It is not an exaggeration to say that how visual signal quality is evaluated shapes the making of almost all multimedia processing algorithms and systems, since the ultimate goal of processing is to achieve the highest possible perceived quality.
During the past two decades, the research field of visual quality assessment has experienced significant growth and great progress. With the rapid development of the sensing and imaging devices, newly emerged visual signals are presented to human viewers, such as stereoscopic/3D image/video, high dynamic range (HDR) image/video, retargeted image/video, graphics, medical image, and so on. Meanwhile, recent psychophysical and neurological findings enable us to more clearly understand the human visual system. There is a considerable need for books like this one, which attempts to provide a comprehensive reviewing of recent progresses of visual signal quality assessment and shape the future research directions.
The objective of this book is to firstly present the latest achievements in quality assessment of visual signals. It reviews the current status, new trends, and challenges of quality assessment for traditional visual signals. More attentions are devoted to the newly emerged visual signals for better QoE. With the systematic and up-to-date review of the quality assessment of emerged visual signals, new trends of developing quality assessment methods for the specific visual signals are discussed and believed to be helpful to the researchers and readers of this book.
This book provides readers a comprehensive coverage of the latest trends/advances in visual signal quality assessment. The principal audience of this book will be mainly researchers and engineers as well as graduate students working on various disciplines related to visual signals, such as imaging, displaying, processing, storage, transmission, etc. The discussed contents in this book are expected to not only inspire newly research trends and directions for QoE but also benefit the development of multimedia products, applications, and services.
Introduction: State of the Play and Challenges of Visual Quality Assessment
How Passive Image Viewers Became Active Multimedia Users
Recent Advances in Image Quality Assessment
Quality Assessment of Mobile Videos
High Dynamic Range Visual Quality of Experience Measurement: Challenges and Perspectives
Recent Advances of Quality Assessment for Medical Imaging Systems and Medical Images
Visual Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Image and Video: Challenges, Advances, and Future Trends
Retargeted Image Quality Assessment: Current Progresses and Future Trends
Quality Assessment in Computer Graphics
Conclusions and Perspectives
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