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Ziada S., Samir M., Staubli T. Flow Induced Vibration

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Ziada S., Samir M., Staubli T. Flow Induced Vibration
Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema, 2000. — XVI, 846 p. — ISBN 90-5809-129-5.
Flow-induced vibrations and noise continue to cause problems in a wide range of engineering applications ranging from civil engineering and marine structures to power generation and chemical processing. These proceedings bring together more than a hundred papers dealing with a variety of topics relating to flow-induced vibration and noise. The contents of this work constitute a mix of investigations by those working on the mechanisms of vibration and means of their alleviation, and studies by those in industry who draw on the present state of knowledge of these mechanisms to avoid or solve flow-induced vibration and noise problems in industrial applications.
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