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Buhler O. Waves and Mean Flows

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Buhler O. Waves and Mean Flows
2nd Edition. — Cambridge University Press, 2014. — 378 p. — (Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics). — ISBN 9781107669666.
Interactions between waves and mean flows play a crucial role in understanding the long-term aspects of atmospheric and oceanographic modelling. Indeed, our ability to predict climate change hinges on our ability to model waves accurately. This book gives a modern account of the nonlinear interactions between waves and mean flows, such as shear flows and vortices. A detailed account of the theory of linear dispersive waves in moving media is followed by a thorough introduction to classical wave-mean interaction theory. The author then extends the scope of the classical theory and lifts its restriction to zonally symmetric mean flows. It can be used as a fundamental reference, a course text, or by geophysicists and physicists needing a first introduction. This second edition includes brand new material, including a section on Langmuir circulations and the Craik–Leibovich instability. The author has also added exercises to aid students' learning.
Revised edition containing brand new material, exercises and references
Accessible to advanced undergraduate students as well as professional researchers
Its focus on fundamental fluid dynamics makes the book relevant to many areas of physics, including acoustics and plasma physics
Table of Contents
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