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Bari A., Chaouchi M., Jung T. Predictive Analytics For Dummies

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Bari A., Chaouchi M., Jung T. Predictive Analytics For Dummies
Wiley, 2014. — 344 p. — ISBN: 9781118728963, 1118728963, 9781118729410, 9781118729205
Predict the future! This practical guide will help you use Big Data and technology to discover real-world insights, define projects, and help you create goals.
Getting started with predictive analytics. Entering the arena ; Predictive analytics in the wild ; Exploring your data types and associated techniques ; Complexities of data
Incorporating algorithms in your models. Applying models ; Identifying similarities in data ; Predicting the future using data classification
Developing a roadmap. Convincing your management to adopt predictive analytics ; Preparing data ; Building a predictive model ; Visualization of analytical results
Programming predictive analytics. Creating basic prediction examples ; Creating basic examples of unsupervised predictions ; Predictive modeling with R ; Avoiding analysis traps ; Targeting big data
The part of tens. Ten reasons to implement predictive analytics ; Ten steps to build a predictive analytic model.
Abstract: Combine business sense, statistics, and computers in a new and intuitive way, thanks to Big Data Predictive analytics is a branch of data mining that helps predict probabilities and trends.
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