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Smither J.W., London M. (Eds.) Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice

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Smither J.W., London M. (Eds.) Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice
Wiley, 2009. — 702 p. — ISBN: 0470192321, 9780470192320
There has been a shift in HR from performance appraisal to performance management. A new volume in the SIOP Professional Practice Series, this book contains a broad range of performance management topics, offers recommendations grounded in research, and many examples from a variety of organizations. In addition to offering state–of–the–art descriptions of performance management needs and solutions, this book provides empirical bases for recommendations, demonstrates how performance management tracks and helps promote organizational change, and exams critical issues. This book makes an ideal resource for I/O psychologists, HR professionals, and consultants.
"In this comprehensive and timely volume, Smither and London assemble an exceptional collection of chapters on topics spanning the entire performance management process. Written by leading researchers and practitioners in the field, these chapters draw on years of research and offer a blueprint for implementing effective performance management systems in organizations. This volume is a ′must–read′ for all those interested in performance management."
John W. Fleenor, Ph.D., research director, Center for Creative Leadership
The Authors
An Expanded View of Performance Management
Aligning Performance Management with Organizational Strategy, Values, and Goals
Practical Applications of Goal-Setting Theory to Performance Management
Coaching and Performance Management: How Can Organizations Get the Greatest Value?
The Role of On-the-Job and Informal Development in Performance Management
Managing Team Performance in Complex Settings: Research-Based Best Practices
CEO Performance Management
Performance Management in Multi-National Companies
Managing Contextual Performance
Using Performance Management As a Learning Tool
Diagnosing, Understanding, and Dealing with Counterproductive Work Behavior
Forced Rankings: Pros, Cons, and Practices
Technology and Performance Management: What Role Does Technology Play in Performance Management?
Authentic Performance: The Valuation of Behavior as a Negotiated Business Outcome
Assessing Performance Management Programs and Policies
Performance Management of the Future
Best Practices in Performance Management
Name Index
Subject Index
The Editors
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