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Langlois W.E., Deville M.O. Slow Viscous Flow

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Langlois W.E., Deville M.O. Slow Viscous Flow
Springer, 2014, 2nd edition - 324 pages.
Although the exponential growth of computer power has advanced the importance of simulations and visualization tools for elaborating new models, designs and technologies, the discipline of fluid mechanics is still large, and turbulence in flows remains a challenging problem in classical physics. Like its predecessor, the revised and expanded Second Edition of this book addresses the basic principles of fluid mechanics and solves fluid flow problems where viscous effects are the dominant physical phenomena.
Much progress has occurred in the nearly half a century that has passed since the edition of 1964. As predicted, aspects of hydrodynamics once considered offbeat have risen to importance. For example, the authors have worked on problems where variations in viscosity and surface tension cannot be ignored. The advent of nanotechnology has broadened interest in the hydrodynamics of thin films, and hydromagnetic effects and radiative heat transfer are routinely encountered in materials processing. This monograph develops the basic equations, in the three most important coordinate systems, in a way that makes it easy to incorporate these phenomena into the theory.
The book originally described by Prof. Langlois as "a monograph on theoretical hydrodynamics, written in the language of applied mathematics" offers considerable new coverage including the second principle of thermodynamics, Boussinesq approximation, time dependent flows, Marangoni convection, Kovasznay flow, plane periodic solutions, Hele-Shaw cells, Stokeslets, rotlets, finite element methods, Wannier flow, corner eddies, and analysis of the Stokes operator.
Cartesian Tensors
The Equations of Viscous Flow
Curvilinear Coordinates
Exact Solutions to the Equations of Viscous Flow
Pipe Flow
Flow Past a Sphere
Plane Flow
Rotary Flow
Lubrication Theory
Introduction to the Finite Element Method
Variational Principle, Weak Formulation and Finite Elements
Stokes Flow and Corner Eddies
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