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Wang Z.-X. Geometry of Matrices

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Wang Z.-X. Geometry of Matrices
Singapore: World Scientific, 1996. — 385 p.
The present monograph is a state-of-the-art survey of the geometry of matrices whose study was initiated by L.K. Hua in the 1940s. The geometry of rectangular matrices, of alternate matrices, of symmetric matrices, and of hermitian matrices over a division ring or a field are studied in detail. The author's recent results on geometry of symmetric matrices and of hermitian matrices are included. A chapter on linear algebra over a division ring and one on affine and projective geometry over a division ring are also included. The book is clearly written so that graduate students and third or fourth year undergraduate students in mathematics can read it without difficulty.
Linear Algebra over Division Rings.
Affine Geometry and Projective Geometry.
Geometry of Rectangular Matrices.
Geometry of Alternative Matrices.
Geometry of Symmetric Matrices.
Geometry of Hermitian Matrices.
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