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Reading Edge Smart 1. Highly Advanced Reading Curriculum

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Reading Edge Smart 1. Highly Advanced Reading Curriculum
We're, 2011. — 116 pages.
Authors: Unknown.
Every student knows studying English requires a lot of patience. Even worse, some English books are difficult and boring. Fortunately, there is a way you can change your perspective on learning English. Now you can develop your reading skills in an enjoyable way.
The Reading EDGE Smart series will help you to improve your reading skills. You can learn how to read with a purpose.
Each level of this series comes with one text book, one guide book and one audio component. Each book is organized into 5 units consisting of vocabulary and related questions. One of the key features of this series is that it integrates many skills: reading, vocabulary building, listening and writing.
This series also deals with a variety of unique and interesting topics, and the readings are graded to the appropriate length and depth depending on the English proficiency level of the student.
After reading, students will be challenged to guess the meaning of words used in the passage, summarize the passage, and solve various types of questions.
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