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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1989 Vol. 28, №11 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1989 Vol. 28, №11 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
829-834 Theory, product ion technology, and properties of powders and fibers
834-836 Effect of the design parameters of a centrifugal injector on its rate of output and on the particle size of powders
I. V. Sharonov, Sh. M. Sheikhaliev, S. I. Popel' and V. M. Sharonov
837-839 Heat treatment of tin powder
V. P. Stets, V. P. Karlov, G. N. Butuzov and A. A. Ryabukha
840-844 Effect of high-speed loading conditions on the pressing mechanism
O. V. Roman, A. P. Mirilenko and I. M. Pikus
845-847 A comparative analysis of loading modes in the hot re-pressing of a porous blank in a closed die
G. A. Baglyuk, M. B. Shtern and V. L. Yurchuk
848-851 Heat treatment of very fine palladium powders
M. L. Blokhina, A. I. Blokhin and I. I. Smirnov
851-854 Solution of a Cr3C2 particle in a boron-containing iron matrix
R. Z. Vlasyuk and V. B. Voitovich
855-859 High-temperature mechanical properties of the powdered alloy W-2% Re
O. G. Radchenko, N. V. Skripnik and V. K. Kharchenko
859-862 Structure formation and properties of permalloy in sintering
E. M. Minaev
863-867 Diffusion interaction of vanadium carbide with powdered steels
V. V. Popov, V. N. Antsiferov, M. I. Gol'dshtein, E. Yu. Eremina and S. N. Peshcherenko
868-873 Phase equilibria at the solidus surface of the equilibrium diagram of ternary systems of technetium with carbon and d-transition metals of groups III–VII
V. N. Eremenko, T. Ya. Velikanova and A. A. Bondar
874-877 Effects of stabilization of ZrO2 by REM oxides in Al2O3-ZrO2 compositions
M. G. Avetisyan, S. S. Ordan'yan and S. S. Semenov
877-880 Special features of contact interaction of copper-tin and chrome-nickel alloys
V. G. Delevi, V. P. Chepeleva, L. V. Trunevich and E. S. Cherepenina
881-884 Diffusion interaction in the Fe-Ni and Fe-NiO systems
T. A. Pumpyanskaya and N. V. Krokhina
884-886 Contact characteristics of silver-graphite-refractory metal selenides composite materials
V. L. Kalikhman, F. N. Girskii, E. P. Gladchenko and V. N. Morozova
886-889 Thermal diffusivity of tungsten-free cemented carbides at increased temperatures
A. N. Emel'yanov and V. I. Tumanov
890-893 Sintering of antifriction materials containing solid lubricants
V. A. Al'tman, B. N. Dukhan, V. L. Memelov and E. G. Osipova
893-895 Wear resistance of detonation coatings of Ni-Al-Si and Ni-Al-B powders under conditions of boundary lubrication
V. A. Shchepetov, V. Kh. Kadyrov and V. A. Voitov
895-900 Properties of dispersion-hardened Al-Al4C3 materials at increased temperatures
M. Shlesar, M. Bestertsi, M. Mishkovichova, K. Pelikan and G. Yangg
900-903 Features of the structure of powder metallurgy nickel-molybdenum alloy
R. A. Barskaya, I. B. Sidorova and Zh. I. Dzneladze
903-907 Phase composition, structure, and properties of polycrystalline BNsph sintered in shock waves
V. I. Kovtun and V. I. Trefilov
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