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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1989 Vol. 28, №07 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1989 Vol. 28, №07 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
505-507 Production of fine palladium powders by the hydrogen reduction of palladium hydroxide (II)
M. L. Blokhina, I. I. Smirnov and A. I. Blokhin
508-512 Production of powders from cast iron swarf and some features of the manufacture of parts from them. I. Production, structure, and properties of the powders
A. T. Mamedov and A. A. Guliev
513-516 Mechanism of action of calcium and iron chlorides in the reduction annealing of an atomized raw material powder. II. Effect of calcium and iron chlorides on the mechanism of reduction annealing of an atomized raw material powder
V. N. Andronov, A. I. Pavlov, A. I. Teslenko, V. N. Vishnivetskaya and V. I. Gorda, et al.
517-519 Theoretical analysis of the heating of pseudoalloys by the passage of an electric current
A. I. Raichenko and E. S. Chernikova
519-524 Mass transport and phase transformations in a system of small Mo-W-C particles
L. I. Trusov, Yu. A. Voskresenskii, I. A. Repin, V. I. Novikov and V. N. Lapovok, et al.
525-528 Antifriction coatings on aluminum and its alloys formed by electric spark alloying from powder materials
A. P. Abramchuk, G. A. Bovkun, V. V. Mikhailov and Yu. G. Tkachenko
529-532 Effect of the surface condition of powder solders on structure formation processes in dispersed systems and properties of soldering pastes
L. B. Fedushinskaya, Z. M. Yarerako and A. I. Kostyukov
532-535 Cladding of diamond powders by thermal diffusion impregnation. II. The structure and properties of metallized diamond powders
N. V. Manukyan, S. G. Agbalyan, A. P. Oganyan, A. A. Oganyan and D. M. Serobyan
536-538 Determination of the cohesive strength of gas flame sprayed coatings with the base
S. A. Kadnikov
539-542 Cohesive strength with the base of coatings of pseudoalloy materials
V. A. Kot, I. L. Kupriyanov and L. I. Sevkovskaya
543-547 Structure of the alloys and phase diagram of the thulium-germanium system
V. N. Eremenko, K. A. Meleshevich, Yu. I. Buyanov and P. S. Martsenyuk
548-551 A method of comparative evaluation of the enthalpies of atomization and formation of monopnictides of rare-earth metals
S. P. Gordienko
551-555 Mechanical properties and special features of failure of carbides and nitrides of metals of groups IV-V deposited from the gas phase
M. A. Khusainov
555-559 Growth of single crystals of GdB6 and examination of their properties
V. I. Lazorenko, N. I. Siman, A. I. Dmitriev and V. B. Muratov
560-565 Properties and structure of a catalyst for dissociation of ammonia
V. P. Georgiev, P. Ya. Zlatkov, P. A. Vityaz', V. M. Kaptsevich and V. K. Sheleg, et al.
565-569 Effect of screening of M-M bonds in cubic nitrides of metals of subgroups IVa and Va on certain physicochemical properties of these compounds
V. A. Tskhai and P. V. Gel'd
570-573 Thermodynamic properties of sesquisulfides of cerium, neodymium, and gadolinium in a wide temperature range
A. I. Kriklya, A. S. Bolgar and S. V. Drozdova
574-578 Role of the phase composition of tungsten containing hard alloys in the formation of a layer of titanium carbide in gas titanizing
B. V. Zakharov, A. N. Minkevich, D. V. Pikunov, É. R. Toné and E. D. Argasova
579-584 Effect of porosity on microplastic deformation of iron base powder materials
A. G. Zherdin, Yu. N. Podrezov, S. A. Firstov and L. G. Shtyka
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