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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1988 Vol. 27, №04 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1988 Vol. 27, №04 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
261-265 Electric-spark alloying of steels with chromium carbide base alloys
A. D. Verkhoturov, T. B. Ershova, V. A. Maslyuk and V. N. Klimenko
266-269 Assessment of the intensity of densification of sintered materials in various modes of upsetting and pressing
G. L. Petrosyan, G. V. Musaelyan, A. V. Gevorkyan and Kh. L. Petrosyan
269-272 Finding an optimum shape of a porous blank in hot forging
E. A. Doroshkevich, V. M. Gorokhov, I. N. Ryabov and E. V. Zvonarev
272-278 Calculation of parameters of powder compaction in a die with allowance for the initial relative powder density
A. M. Laptev and A. N. Ul'yanov
279-283 Effect of manganese on sintering processes in the Ti-Fe system. III. High-temperature x-ray diffraction investigation of the sintering process
L. I. Kivalo, V. V. Pet'kov, A. V. Polenur and V. V. Skorokhod
284-289 Mechanism and kinetics of sintering highly porous fibrous structures
Ya. E. Geguzin and Yu. I. Klinchuk
290-294 Special features of structure formation in activated sintering of chromium
I. M. Fedorchenko, V. T. Bondar', I. G. Slys', B. V. Fenochka and V. M. Adeev
294-298 Special features of the sintering of composite laminates based on HfO2 and W. I. Effect of the sintering temperature on shrinkage and porosity
S. M. Kats, T. S. Basalaeva, V. N. Bogin, S. S. Ordan'yan and K. P. Akimova
299-302 Determination of interconnected porosity by mercury porosimetry
N. P. Pavlenko, L. E. Lunin, L. I. Chernyshev and A. G. Kostornov
303-307 Properties of an iron-copper composite-base rolled material sintered for a short time
V. M. Ocheretyanskii, V. Ya. Berent, A. V. Aleshina and O. V. Sivak
307-310 Thermal expansion of titanium and zirconium carbides in the area of their homogeneity
S. S. Kiparisov and A. A. Nuzhdin
311-314 Special features of formation of molybdenum coatings on diamond with the spatial distribution of reagents
V. G. Chuprina and G. P. Volk
315-319 Electrophysical properties of granulated films based on borides of rare-earth elements. I. Temperature dependence of resistance
R. K. Islamgaliev, A. V. Zyrin, O. I. Shulishova and I. A. Shcherbak
319-323 Surface and adhesion properties of Ni-Mn-Ga melts in contact with graphite
Yu. V. Naidich, V. M. Perevertailo and V. V. Zabuga
323-325 Oxidizability of materials based on TiC and TiN at elevated temperatures
G. T. Dzodziev, V. Ya. Shlyuko, K. K. Palekha and R. V. Kantor
325-329 Failure of self-bonded silicon carbide under dynamic pressure
M. V. Vlasova, N. G. Kakazei and V. I. Kovtun
329-334 Examination of the energy zonal structure and strength of chemical bond in TiC, TiN, VC and Vn by the linear method of muffin-tin orbitals
V. P. Zhukov, V. A. Gubanov, G. G. Mikhailov and G. P. Shveikin
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