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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №09 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №09 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
687-689 Study of the milling of silicon nitride powders of various origins in an attritor
L. T. Gankevich, S. G. Titov, S. L. Bochkov, T. Kh. Uzbekova and E. M. Cherednik, et al.
690-692 Particle morphology and processing properties of niobium powders
A. A. Flis, M. Sh. Gol'dberg, V. D. Valentinov and P. A. Verkhovodov
693-696 Shaping of a magnetoabrasive powder tool. I. Restoration of shape
M. D. Krymskii
697-701 Theoretical and experimental investigation of the process of plastic deformation of sintered composite materials. II. Effect of shape of hard inclusions on the development of simultaneous deformation of the phases of a composite material
S. S. Kiparisov, I. A. Kiyanskii and V. E. Perel'man
701-704 Character of densification zone formation in the roll-cladding of a base with a powder
V. P. Katashinskii
704-708 Variation of the deformation characteristics of porous blanks from titanium, copper, and aluminum powders
V. A. Pavlov, M. I. Nosenko, B. V. Popov and S. N. Yakunin
709-712 Dynamics of interparticle reactions in spherical metal powders during electric sintering
G. L. Burenkov, A. I. Raichenko and A. M. Suraeva
713-717 Effect of sintering conditions on the structure and mechanical properties of P/M aluminum base alloys
A. B. Al'tman, V. A. Brodov, A. V. Zhil'tsov and I. P. Melashenko
717-720 Sintering of chromium boride base materials
L. F. Barshchevskaya, V. A. Maslyuk, V. N. Klimenko and A. A. Mamonova
721-724 Determination of the pore sizes of permeable metallic materials by the liquid displacement method
L. E. Lunin, A. G. Kostornov, A. S. Glushchenko and G. A. Kolesnichenko
725-728 Special features of the production of low-alloy powder steel for structural and antifriction purposes
Yu. G. Dorofeev, V. A. Geidarov and A. T. Mamedov
729-732 Some special features of the tempering of powder steels
V. N. Antsiferov and L. M. Grevnov
733-735 Electrophysical properties of composites based on some ruthenium compounds
M. D. Smolin, V. N. Fedorov and V. G. Grebenkina
736-740 Influence of grain size and porosity on the high-temperature friction of titanium carbide
Yu. G. Tkachenko, L. M. Murzin, V. K. Yulyugin, D. Z. Yurchenko and A. A. Mamonova
741-746 Influence of structure on the mechanical properties of reaction sintered silicon carbide materials
G. G. Gnesin, I. V. Gridneva, Yu. P. Dyban', Yu. V. Mil'man and V. M. Mirolyuz, et al.
746-749 Interaction of the components in Ti-Fe, Ti-Fe-Ni, and Ti-Fe-Mn powder mixtures by the method of hot microscopy
R. Z. Vlasyuk, L. I. Kivalo and V. V. Skorokhod
749-754 Heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity of hard alloys of the TK type at elevated temperatures
A. N. Emel'yanov and V. I. Tumanov
754-757 Phase diagram of the Ni-ZrC-HfC system
A. K. Shurin, G. P. Dmitrieva, N. A. Razumova and é. L. Khandros
758-760 Effect of technological factors and surface roughness on the strength of bonding KKhNF15 alloy with steel
V. N. Klimenko, V. A. Maslyuk and V. G. Kayuk
761-762 High-temperature oxidation of composite materials based on titanium diboride
V. A. Lavrenko, S. S. Chuprov, A. P. Umanskii, T. G. Protsenko and E. S. Lugovskaya
763-766 Failure of tungsten-copper pseudoalloys in electroerosion machining in a carbon-bearing liquid
A. P. Gavrilenko, Yu. M. Solonin, O. V. Ivashchenko and A. Yu. Koval'
767-772 Neutron diffraction analysis of ultradisperse powders of zirconium nitride
V. F. Petrunin, Yu. G. Andreev, T. N. Miller and Ya. P. Grabis
773-775 Deformation and compacting of powder billets in initial stages of rolling of sections
V. M. Panovko and V. S. Yusupov
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