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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №08 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №08 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
601-602 Plant for the production of metal powders by a centrifugal hydraulic method
Sh. M. Sheikhaliev, V. V. Kuz'min and E. V. Luzin
603-607 Motion of a ferromagnetic powder during magnetoabrasive polishing
V. S. Maiboroda and V. Ya. Shlyuko
608-611 Effect of method of processing on the physicomechanical and technological properties of powder from ShKh.15 steel swarf
V. G. Kislov, S. A. Stepnov, B. G. Arabei and V. L. Esikman
611-614 Effect of heating on the structure of ultrafine tungsten powders
V. V. Skorokhod, V. V. Panichkina, G. S. Oleinik and V. I. Novikov
615-620 Theoretical and experimental investigation of the process of plastic deformation of sintered composite materials. I. Analysis of the conditions of simultaneous deformation of the different phases of a composite material
S. S. Kiparisov, I. A. Kiyanskii and V. E. Perel'man
621-626 Theory of nonlinearly viscous and plastic behavior of porous materials
V. V. Skorokhod, M. B. Shtern and I. F. Martynova
627-630 Effect of particles size of titanium carbide powder on its hot pressing under high pressure
L. F. Stasyuk and V. S. Neshpor
631-636 Current views on the processes of sintering in the presence of a liquid phase
A. P. Savitskii
636-640 Effect of zinc stearate on the properties of sintered products
V. A. Gaidarov and A. T. Mamedov
641-644 Production of granulated composite materials of oxide-metal with pulsed plasma heating
Yu. A. Pavlov, I. V. Blinkov, A. V. Manukhin and A. O. Ostapovich
645-649 Formation and some properties of chromium and chrome-nickel coatings applied to diamonds by the gas-phase method
Yu. V. Naidich, V. M. Chashnik, I. A. Lavrinenko, G. P. Volk and O. A. Gnitetskii
649-654 Phase formation processes and densification kinetics of the β-Si3N4 based sialon charges during sintering
V. A. Gunchenko, M. S. Koval'chenko and G. V. Trunov
654-657 Adhesion (sticking) of alumina particles on the surface of semifinished cast products of manganese-zinc ferrites during the process of binder removal
G. I. Zhuravlev, T. A. Strakhova, V. P. Kozlov and E. Yu. El'tsina
658-660 The phase diagram of the Ni-VC-NbC system
A. K. Shurin, G. P. Dmitrieva, N. A. Razumova and É. L. Khandros
661-663 Wettability by molten oxides of copper and silver with a change in the aggregate condition of the surface being wetted
Yu. V. Naidich, V. M. Perevertailo, V. V. Poluyanskaya and I. N. Krasnobaeva
664-667 Frequency relationship of the electrical resistance of cermet films based on the hexaborides of rare-earth elements
R. K. Islamgaliev, A. V. Zyrin, O. I. Shulishova and I. A. Shcherbak
667-670 Tribotechnical properties of self-lubricating polymer materials containing molybdenum dichalcogenides
Z. T. Il'ina, L. F. Kolesnichenko and I. N. Tupitsyn
671-674 Influence of porosity and sliding rate on the tribotechnical properties and features of deformation of the surface layers of copper-graphite materials during friction without lubrication
V. N. Paderno, N. G. Baranov, L. I. Dyachenko, A. N. Pilyankevich and V. S. Ageeva, et al.
675-677 A new method of determination of the oil content in porous powder metallurgy parts
V. D. Zozulya and V. G. Prikhod'ko
677-680 Mechanical properties and structure of tungsten-rhenium powder metallurgy deformed alloys
Yu. N. Podrezov, O. G. Radchenko, N. G. Danilenko, V. V. Panichkina and V. I. Gachegov, et al.
681-685 Structural features and the cutting properties of boron nitride-base superhard materials
G. G. Karyuk, A. V. Bochko, V. M. Volkogon, S. S. Dzhamarov and P. V. Zakharenko, et al.
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