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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №07 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №07 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
515-518 Mechanism of deformation and disintegration of a moving drop
V. P. Sosnin, I. A. Kopyrin and S. G. Filimonov
519-523 Theoretical investigation of the process of cold extrusion of rods from unplasticized metal powders. III. Extrusion pressure
A. V. Stepanenko, L. A. Isaevich, A. A. Veremeichik and T. A. Medvedeva
523-529 Compactibility and strength of rolled strip from powders (review)
A. K. Radchenko and O. A. Katrus
530-532 Densification kinetics of a copper-tin powder composite during electric-discharge sintering
O. V. Sukhov, A. A. Baidenko, T. I. Istomina, A. I. Raichenko and V. P. Popov, et al.
532-536 Effect of porosity on the volume changes experienced by Al-Cu compacts during liquid-phase sintering
A. P. Savitskii and G. N. Romanov
537-542 Conductivity of P/M materials with diffusional interaction of phases
G. A. Babushkin
543-546 Stereological investigation of tungsten-copper pseudoalloys. II. Effect of the production method and of the particle-size distribution of the initial tungsten powder on changes of the microstructure of materials
V. N. Paderno, A. N. Pilyankevich, A. N. Martynenko, Yu. L. Pilipovskii and L. D. Fal'kovich
547-549 Physicomechanical properties of diborides of metals of groups IVa, Va, sintered under high pressure
A. M. Mazurenko, V. S. Urbanovich and T. I. Leonovich
550-553 Effect of the composition of the cermet composite silver-nickel-graphite on the operational characteristics of contact material
Yu. M. Dolinskii, V. V. Zinov'ev and A. N. Novichenko
553-556 Effect of porosity on the reliability of magnetic quality control of the heat treatment of sintered steels
A. I. Ul'yanov, V. S. Korobeinikova, G. V. Sterkhov and N. A. Sidorov
557-562 Structurization of single-phase polycrystalline materials based on cubic boron nitride
V. F. Britun, G. S. Oleinik, A. N. Pilyankevich and S. S. Dzhamarov
563-566 Tb-Fe-B and Lu-Fe-B ternary systems
O. M. Dub, Yu. B. Kuz'ma and M. I. David
567-569 A method of measurement of the local permeability of porous powder materials with the use of a hot-wire anemometer
V. M. Kaptsevich, V. K. Sheleg, L. P. Pilinevich, V. V. Savich and A. N. Sorokina, et al.
570-572 The thermodynamic characteristics of lanthanum, praseodymium, neodymium, and gadolinium mono-bismuthides
G. Sh. Viksman and S. P. Gordienko
572-575 Production and properties of powder alloys for thermostat metals
L. E. Sarkisyan and R. G. Samvelyan
576-580 Special features of failure of R6M5 and 10R6M5-MP high-speed tool steels in superplastic deformation
T. A. Chernyshova, A. E. Gvozdev and A. S. Bazyk
581-583 Emissivity and specific electrical resistivity of compositions in the LaB6-ZrB2 system
T. E. Zapadaeva, E. E. Nikolaeva, S. S. Ordan'yan and V. A. Petrov
584-588 Anisotropy of the structure and mechanical properties of low-alloy tungsten
Yu. N. Podrezov, O. G. Radchenko, N. G. Danilenko, V. V. Skorokhod and V. V. Panichkina, et al.
589-594 Mechanical properties and special features of the structure of materials based on boron carbide
G. A. Gogotsi, S. A. Firstov, A. D. Vasil'ev, Yu. G. Gogotsi and V. V. Kovylyaev
594-599 Porous structure parameters of permeable powder materials
Yu. N. Kryuchkov
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