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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №01 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1987 Vol. 26, №01 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
1-4 Effect of composition of copper-tin melts and bronzes on the particle size of powders produced by the electric-pulse disintegration of jets
S. I. Popel', S. B. Batuev, E. V. Suchkov and Sh. M. Sheikhaliev
4-5 Purification of copper powders produced by cementation from the cementing metal
V. P. Artamonov and A. V. Pomosov
6-10 High-speed cooling of molten metal in the production of finely divided materials
K. K. Palekha
11-13 Thermal resistance of very fine iron powders inoculated with polydimethylsiloxane
V. G. Grechanyuk, E. P. Zhelibo and S. I. Radoshinskaya
13-15 Chromizing of porous molybdenum-copper pseudoalloys
A. G. Kostornov, L. I. Chernyshev, V. P. Semenets and N. P. Pavlenko
16-19 Equivalent strains and stresses in P/M materials. I. Relationship between the equivalent strain of a porous solid and the local characteristics and rheological properties of its solid phase
M. B. Shtern
20-23 Densification of porous powder preforms during hot forging. I. Processing lubricant for transverse hot forging
Yu. G. Dorofeev, A. I. Malevannyi, S. N. Sergeenko and B. M. Simileiskii
23-26 Assessment of the effectiveness of compaction of ShKh15 steel powders by hot extrusion
Yu. L. Krasulin, N. V. Abashkina, V. S. Ivanov, F. R. Karelin and B. F. Sheraizin
27-31 Liquid-phase sintering of high-density compacts from atomized aluminum alloy powders
V. A. Vasil'ev, B. S. Mitin and M. M. Serov
32-37 Stressed and strained state of a porous blank in hot pressing and free compression with allowance for external friction. I. Mathematical modeling of processes
V. M. Gorokhov, E. A. Doroshkevich, E. V. Zvonarev, I. N. Ryabov and I. N. Tarusov
38-42 Effect of various methods of heating on the formation of porous structure during the sintering of iron
W. Hermel, S. Siegel, S. P. Oshkaderov, L. O. Andrushchik and V. A. Shvitai
42-45 Structure of hot-compacted materials in the sialon-refractory compounds system
O. V. Bakun, O. N. Grigor'ev, G. G. Gnesin, Yu. N. Ivashchenko and V. V. Kobylyaev, et al.
46-50 Effect of the form of the substrate surface on the consumption of materials of hot gas coatings
I. M. Lelyukh
51-53 Interaction in the GdB6-TiB2 system
S. S. Ordan'yan and E. E. Nikolaeva
54-58 The phase diagram of the Ni-ZrC-TaC system
A. K. Shurin, N. A. Razumova, G. P. Dmitrieva and É. L. Khandros
58-62 Special features of the structure and coercive force of Ce(Co, Cu, Fe)6 alloys
A. A. Pavlyukov and E. I. Gikhman
63-65 Kinetic properties and electron structure of nickel borldes
V. G. Grebenkina, Yu. M. Goryachev, M. D. Smolin, B. A. Kovenskaya and E. I. Shvartsman
66-67 X-ray diffraction analysis of γ-phase of nickel-based wear-resistant alloys
V. T. Deripasko and Yu. P. Oshchepkov
68-71 The structure and mechanical properties of specimens of the intermetallic compound Ni3Al synthesized from a mixture of powders
O. A. Kashin, E. F. Dudarev, V. I. Itin, E. G. Fedorova and A. R. Gafarov, et al.
71-76 Structural changes in the surface layers of self-bound silicon carbide in high-temperature friction
Yu. G. Tkachenko, A. N. Pilyankevich, V. F. Britun, V. D. Bazilevich and N. F. Opanashchuk, et al.
77-81 Special features of the crystallization of thin films of silicides of some transition metals
L. A. Dvorina, I. V. Kud', G. Beddis, V. Bretshnaider and Kh. Khelms
81-86 Statistical investigation of the strengthening and structure in rolling of sintered tungsten
E. É. Zasimchuk, I. F. Zvorygin, B. G. Grafov, E. M. Kabinovich and G. P. Susanina
86-89 High-strength carbon steels with hereditary fine crystal structure. III. Effect of the structure on the mechanical properties of powdered carbon steels
I. D. Radomysel'skii, A. I. Dzyubenko, A. P. Lyapunov, Yu. N. Podrezov and A. S. Drachinskii
90-93 Acoustic characteristics of powdered invar alloys
V. A. Vershinin, V. I. Kostikov, V. A. Belyanin, Yu. F. Maksimov and K. P. Nikonov, et al.
93-95 Optical properties of films of Y-Eu-O obtained by ion bombardment of hot-pressed targets
A. F. Andreeva, M. A. Katsitadze and N. G. Khatynenko
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