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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1986 Vol. 25, №10 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1986 Vol. 25, №10 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
785-789 A model of the process of mixing of a free-flowing material in a transverse section of a revolving barrel
V. F. Pershin
789-791 Effect of degree of metallization, temperature, and presssing pressure on the electrical resistivity of powdered iron ore concentrates
V. I. Karmazin and V. I. Gorda
792-797 Electrodeposition of finely divided copper under conditions of a linearly increasing current
I. B. Murashova, S. L. Korkin, A. V. Pomosov, N. Yu. Nikol'skaya and D. G. Susloparov
798-800 Relationship between some characteristics of granulated wurtzite boron nitride powders and their conditions of preparation
V. M. Volkogon
801-804 Shaping of atomized high-speed steel powders under conditions of shear strains
G. E. Mazharova, G. A. Baglyuk, A. I. Bykov and L. A. Poznyak
805-808 Kinematics and stress-strain state of metal powder issuing from a hopper device. Part II
I. E. Kuleshov
809-812 Analysis by variational methods of the stress-strain state of an axisymmetric porous solid undergoing densification
G. A. Baglyuk, I. D. Radomysel'skii and V. L. Yurchuk
813-816 Welding on contact surfaces in different technological variants of the hot plastic working of P/M materials
Yu. G. Dorofeev, V. Yu. Dorofeev, S. N. Egorov and S. A. Gorshkov
817-820 Optimization of the thermal conditions of the hot-pressing process
L. M. Buchnev, A. I. Smyslov and I. A. Dmitriev
821-826 Structural transformations in thermal spray coatings of Ni60Nb40 alloy in vacuum annealings
Yu. S. Borisov, V. N. Korzhik, Ya. A. Kunitskii, S. L. Revo and Ya. P. Gritskiv
827-828 Wear-resistant plasma coatings based on a double carbide of titanium and chromium
V. B. Raitses, V. M. Litvin, V. P. Rutberg, Z. S. Nagorskaya and V. P. Brazhevskii
829-831 Formation of the coating-base contact zone in thermal spray coating
E. G. Ginzburg, O. S. Kobyakov, V. A. Rozantsev and N. V. Spiridonov
832-837 Mechanism and kinetics of reduction of complex oxides of the NiO-Fe2O3 system
L. E. Sarkisyan
838-841 Influence of structure on the resistance of tungsten-copper pseudoalloys in electroerosion machining of a sintered carbide
A. P. Gavrilenko, M. S. Koval'chenko, A. A. Kravchenko, V. V. Skorokhod and Yu. M. Solonin, et al.
842-845 Influence of carbon on the structure and properties of TiC-WC-TaC-Co sintered carbides
R. F. Cheburaeva and I. N. Chaporova
846-850 Structural features of copper-niobium powder metal composites
I. A. Kiyanskii, Yu. A. Perlovich, T. D. Aksenova, A. A. Rusakov and A. V. Artamoshin, et al.
850-856 Multilayer metal-oxide composites based on cast plasticized films with powder fillers
S. M. Kats, V. N. Bogin, S. S. Ordan'yan, T. S. Basalaeva and N. G. Chubenko
857-859 Influence of alloying of Ni-Al system alloys on the phase equilibrium in the 50–75% Ni area
V. A. Krymov, A. V. Mikhailov and D. L. Fuks
860-862 The interaction of titanium carbide and carbonitride with nickelides
V. S. Panov, A. V. Tumanov and Yu. F. Kots
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