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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №10 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №10 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
743-747 Properties of an atomized iron powder of branched particle shape
É. Ch. Pioro, N. Ch. Pioro, A. G. Zherdin and V. P. Smirnov
748-751 Characteristics of powders produced by the electroerosion disintegration of aluminum in water
L. P. Fominskii and T. V. Rovenskaya
751-755 Conditions of formation of a liquid phase in the initial stage of reduction of W-Mo-Cu-O oxide systems
Yu. M. Solonin, Yu. G. Grivalov and N. I. Filippov
756-759 Development of an efficient schedule for the comminution of sponge iron produced by the reduction annealing of a powdered raw material
Ya. M. Turetskii, E. I. Dovgan', I. V. Zheltyakova, V. I. Myl'nikov and V. A. Vdovenko
760-763 Kinematic characteristics of the roll forming of tablets with axial holes
A. V. Stepanenko, L. A. Isaevich, V. E. Kharlan, S. V. Zhilkin and E. K. Petrulin
764-768 Rheological and thermal activation analyses of the sintering kinetics of tungsten powders
O. I. Get'man, S. P. Rakitin and V. V. Skorokhod
768-771 Siliconizing of molybdenum in powder mixtures of low silicon activity
Yu. V. Dzyadykevich and N. I. Zablotskaya
772-774 Formation of a solid solution during interdiffusion of tungsten and molybdenum in the course of sintering
A. A. Timofeeva, I. B. Bulat, Yu. V. Voronin, G. K. Fedoseev and V. M. Karasev
775-779 Development of the diffusional impregnation method foe the production of alloy steel and alloy powders
S. G. Napara-Volgina and I. D. Radomysel'skii
780-781 Diffusion welding of copper-chromium pseudoalloy to copper
A. P. Sysoev, A. V. Sergeev and N. F. Kazakov
782-784 Ways of optimizing the feed of powder into the barrel of a detonation unit
N. V. Berlin and A. N. Krasnov
784-786 Properties of flame-sprayed coatings from powders of composite materials containing nickel-chromium and an aluminum alloy
Yu. S. Borisov, M. G. Zolotogorov, I. N. Gorbatov, V. R. Kalinovskii and V. A. Pashchenko, et al.
787-789 Reaction of cubic boron nitride with titanium iodides
V. T. Vesna and V. P. Maslov
789-791 Thermodynamic analysis of the Ti-H-Ar system at high temperatures
M. A. Gorovoi, L. A. Benediktova and A. V. Pruttskov
791-794 Reaction of a sintered intermeta llic compound Ti2Ni with hydrogen
M. M. Antonova, S. N. Endrzheevskaya, A. G. Shablina, V. V. Skorokhod and O. T. Khorpyakov
794-795 Assessment of results of determinations of free silicon in self-bonded silicon carbide by chemical analysis and the evaporation method
É. Ya. Vinokur and Yu. P. Dyban'
796-797 Ternary systems Gd-{V, Nb}-B
N. F. Chaban
797-799 Enthalpy of atomization of the monochalcogenides of the rare-earth metals
S. P. Gordienko, G. Sh. Viksman and B. V. Fenochka
800-802 Thermophysical properties of tungsten at high temperatures
I. V. Semin'ko, A. D. Krivorotenko and E. N. Fomichev
802-805 Thermal conductivity of porous powder materials
V. A. Pavlov, B. P. Prushinskii, Yu. I. Nagornyi and S. N. Yakunin
805-809 Strain hardening and failure of powder metallurgy iron
A. S. Drachinskii, A. E. Kushchevskii, Yu. N. Podrezov and S. A. Firstov
810-812 An x-ray diffraction study of the temporary microstresses in sintered carbides
I. I. Deryavko, A. G. Lanin and A. S. Maskaev
812-815 Porosity determination of thin fibrous-material sheets according to the optical transmission coefficient
A. G. Kostornov, O. V. Kirichenko, S. P. Sakhno and G. S. Tymchik
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