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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №04 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №04 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
257-261 Particle-size distribution in very fine copper powders produced by the thermal decomposition of Cu(II) complexes with monoethanolamine
M. M. Khvorov, A. S. Chirkov and Yu. I. Khimchenko
262-266 Deformation of spherical particles during the densification of an idealized porous material. II. Investigation of force characteristics
A. M. Laptev and A. N. Ul'yanov
267-272 Variation of the size and shape of the carbide grains of a chromium carbide-nickel hard metal during sintering
E. M. Ionkina, T. A. Anishchik, L. B. Reznik and I. A. Bel'ko
273-276 Reactions in powder Ti-BN composites
A. L. Borisova, Yu. S. Borisov, L. K. Shvedova and I. S. Martsenyuk
276-281 Quantitative assessment of the compatibility of the components of composite fiber materials
A. A. Zabolotskii
282-283 Method for determining the thermal fatigue resistance of oxidation-resistant coatings on graphite
V. V. Alekseev and V. S. Loskutov
284-286 Effect of temperature on the wear resistance of detonation-deposited coatings from alloy powders
I. G. Nosovskii, V. V. Shchepetov, V. Kh. Kadyrov and L. A. Kotlyarenko
286-290 Metallization of diamonds in a gaseous atmosphere of molybdenum chlorides
V. F. Grishachev, V. P. Maslov, V. T. Vesna and L. E. Shcherbakova
290-292 Effect of method of introduction of an alloying metal on the properties of mixtures and sintered materials
R. A. Yumatova and V. G. Mel'nikov
293-296 Deposition of silicon nitride coatings
V. S. Panov and O. B. Sekridova
296-299 Effect of vacuum annealing on the structure and character of fracture of plasma-deposited nickel aluminide coatings
V. É. Roginskii, G. B. Krasil'nikova, S. N. Bakhireva, L. P. Orlov and I. N. Katkov, et al.
299-303 Temperature dependence of shape recovery by and the electrical resistance of titanium nickelide produced by powder metallurgy methods
V. I. Kotenev, N. P. Lyakishev, M. M. Medyukh, Yu. N. Nikiforov and D. D. Gutsal, et al.
304-306 Phase composition of chromium carbide hard metals by electrochemical methods
I. G. Budkevich, G. N. Dubrovskaya, E. M. Ionkina and M. N. Korotkina
307-312 Distribution of texture inside a sintered magnet
G. I. Yaglo, Yu. V. Gusev, L. I. D'yachenko and E. P. Serdyukov
312-316 Thermocycling treatment of sintered steels — Report 1
N. V. Manukyan and G. B. Manukyan
316-319 High-temperature oxidation of monocrystalline lanthanum hexaboride
Yu. B. Paderno, É. A. Pugach, V. I. Lazorenko, A. P. Galasun and L. N. Lavrinenko, et al.
319-323 Properties of wurtzitelike boron nitride crystallized under dynamic conditions
L. E. Pechentkovskaya and G. I. Savvakin
323-326 Contact interaction between the structural components of copper-based composite antifrictional materials
L. F. Kolesnichenko, I. O. Fushchich, A. D. Panasyuk, I. Ya. Dzykovich and L. D. Ignatenko
326-330 Failure mechanism of sprayed coatings during determination of adhesive strength by the pin method
A. F. Puzryakov, A. N. Eremichev and V. A. Garanov
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