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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №03 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1984 Vol. 23, №03 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
171-175 Structural mechanism and character of redistribution of tungsten and molybdenum in their reduction from a mixed oxide
V. V. Skorokhod, Yu. M. Solonin and Yu. G. Privalov
176-180 Particle interaction in the atomization of high-speed steel
A. D. Ozerskii, H. Fischmeister, L. Olsson and G. A. Panova
181-183 Effect of high hydrostatic pressure in the shaping of a cermet on the properties of compacts and parts
B. D. Storozh and B. L. Grabchuk
183-186 Deformation of spherical particles during the densification of an idealized porous material. I. Investigation of kinematic characteristics
A. M. Laptev and A. N. Ul'yanov
186-189 Determination of the pressing force-density relationship in the hot forging of porous powder preforms
Yu. G. Dorofeev, É. S. Baidala and I. A. Kosobokov
190-195 Deposition of material from the gaseous phase in a porous plate
S. M. Pavlov and N. B. Fridman
195-200 Growth of ultrafine powder particles during sintering
V. I. Novikov, L. I. Trusov, V. N. Lapovok and T. P. Geleishvili
200-203 Method of calculating the process parameters of the electric-discharge sintering of conducting powders
V. V. Meshkov, N. K. Myshkin and A. I. Sviridenok
204-207 Effect of plastic working on the structural stability of composite (nickel-chromium alloy)-tungsten materials
D. M. Karpinos, L. I. Tuchinskii, L. R. Vishnyakov, V. P. Moroz and V. P. Dzeganovskii, et al.
208-210 Distribution of the cementing phase in hot-pressed hard metals
D. Kh. Bronshtein, É. S. Simkin, S. I. Sklyar and E. S. Cherepenina
211-214 Effect of sintering temperature on the structure of of a porous filter material
L. E. Lunin, V. T. Bondar', V. S. Pugin, P. A. Kornienko and N. P. Pavlenko
215-218 Structure and properties of copper-titanium-aluminum composites produced by thermoreactive sintering
V. G. Delevi, A. A. Burkhan, V. A. Konovalov, R. K. Tkachenko and N. V. Pisarenko, et al.
218-225 Production and properties of brass-base P/M constructional materials. A review
I. D. Radomysel'skii, G. A. Baglyuk and G. E. Mazharova
225-228 Gas content of explosion-deposited powder coatings
A. M. Kaunov, A. V. Shamrei and V. M. Bukin
228-230 Investigation of the phase composition of plasma-deposited Al-B coatings
A. Avlokhashvili, D. L. Gabuniya, V. G. Zil'berberg, D. M. Karpinos and I. A. Stashevskaya, et al.
230-234 Structure of high-strength hexanite-R
A. V. Kurdyumov, G. S. Oleinik and A. N. Pilyankevich
235-239 X-ray spectrum and Mössbauer study of nickel ferrites excited by aluminum and chromium ions
E. A. Zhurakovskii, T. D. Bakuma, V. Ya. Garmash and G. S. Podval'nykh
240-242 Wettability of a solid solution of titanium-niobium carbonitride by iron and nickel base alloys
S. S. Ordan'yan, L. G. Maskhuliya, I. B. Panteleev and V. F. Litvinov
242-245 Interaction of lanthanum and samarium hexaborides with acids in the area of homogeneity
T. N. Nazarchuk, E. M. Dudnik, Yu. B. Paderno and E. V. Yukhimenko
246-250 Thermophysical properties of porous fiber materials
A. G. Kostornov and L. G. Galstyan
250-254 Effect of heat treatment on the structure and tribotechnical behavior of composite materials containing cast-iron granules
I. M. Fedorchenko, N. G. Baranov and P. A. Verkhovodov
254-256 Structural effect of powder metallurgy materials from the iron-carbon system on size of the adhesion component of the friction coefficient
I. I. Panaioti, G. M. Derkacheva and I. M. Fedorchenko
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