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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1983 Vol. 22, №05 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1983 Vol. 22, №05 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
325-329 Production of thin fibers from powders
A. G. Kostornov, O. V. Kirichenko and N. S. Guzhva
330-332 Effect of nitrogen content on the compressibility of Kh25 stainless steel powder
I. V. Nel'zina and I. D. Radomysel'skii
333-336 Control of the properties of copper powders produced by atomization
S. S. Naboichenko, É. Z. Kharitidi, T. V. Ploskikh, A. N. Karibyan and V. T. Aivazyan
336-341 Preparation of very finely divided copper by the thermal decomposition of copper formate-monoethanolamine complexes
Yu. I. Khimchenko, M. M. Khvorov, A. S. Chirkov and A. A. Kosorukov
342-346 Stressed state of powder in the lag zone during rolling
E. B. Lozhechnikov
347-349 Hydrogen sickness of sintered copper
V. A. Dymchenko and A. P. Popovich
350-352 Structure and properties of porous rolled materials from metal powders
V. K. Sorokin and V. A. Khrenov
352-355 Model of formation of a hydraulic-pulse densified aluminum coating
V. N. Polyakov
356-361 Contact phenomena in porous fiber materials
A. G. Kostornov and L. G. Galstyan
361-367 Effect of surface erosion of porous metals on their structural and hydraulic characteristics
S. V. Belov, A. V. Ksenofontov, P. A. Kulu and P. K. Kallas
368-372 Production of sintered deformable (wrought) nickel-molybdenum alloys. II. Structure and mechanical properties of alloys after hot plastic working and heat treatment
Yu. V. Voronin, Zh. I. Dzneladze, R. P. Shchegoleva, T. V. Svistunova and Z. K. Runova, et al.
373-375 Effect of a titanium nitride coating on the wear resistance of the tungstenless hard metal KTS-2M
I. N. Frantsevich, L. A. Gaevskaya, L. N. Beloborodov, N. N. Sereda and G. A. Sedlyar
375-379 Character of fracture of TiC-ZrC carbide alloys at various temperatures
V. N. Paderno, M. I. Lesnaya, A. N. Martynenko and S. I. Chugunova
379-385 Free and contact surface in porous fiber materials
A. G. Kostornov, L. G. Galstyan and N. E. Fedorova
386-389 Use of anodic voltamperometry for studying the quality of metallic coatings on powder particles
V. P. Pastukhov, I. V. Frishberg, L. N. Kal'nishevskaya, Kh. Z. Brainina and L. I. Roltman
389-391 Conditions of production of high-porosity graphite-containing sintered titanium diboride materials
C. A. Libenson, L. P. Kozyreva and G. V. Guseva
392-395 Adhesion of gas-detonation coatings from a starting VK-18 powder and workability of materials with such coatings
Yu. A. Kharlamov and M. I. Livshits
396-398 Erosion resistance of composites of the Ag-Ni3Ti system
N. L. Pravoverov and E. I. Malinina
399-401 Construction of contact melting diagrams for binary systems
M. R. Khairulaev and A. N. Guseinov
402-404 Characteristic features of the polishing of steels with magnetoabrasive powders
V. E. Oliker, A. F. Zhornyak, T. Ya. Gridasova and L. A. Karpova
405-406 Effect of temperature and environment on the friction and wear of aluminum nitride
Yu. G. Tkachenko, V. K. Yulyugin and T. V. Dubovik
407-410 Effect of nonstoichiometry of composition of calcium hexaboride on the intensities of its x-ray reflections
I. G. Barantseva and Yu. B. Paderno
411-415 Some electronic structure parameters calculated to a two-band approximation for zirconium carbonitrides
M. I. Lesnaya, E. A. Zhurakovskii and A. Ya. Kuchma
415-419 Electron-microscopical investigation of powders of variable-composition transition metal carbides
V. N. Paderno, L. A. Gaevskaya, A. N. Martynenko and A. A. Adamovskii
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