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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1982 Vol. 21, №07 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1982 Vol. 21, №07 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
511-516 Reduction annealing of very fine electrolytic iron powders with organic coatings
V. V. Nepomnyashchii, L. N. Tul'chinskii, E. P. Zhelibo and L. V. Strashinskaya
517-521 Theoretical investigation of the transverse pressing of particulate materials
G. M. Zhdanovich, V. A. Sidorov and Ch. A. Yakubovskii
522-526 Plasticity criteria for porous metals
A. M. Laptev
527-530 Vibratory-pulse molding of conical parts
O. V. Chmykh, V. V. Ivashchenko, G. A. Baglyuk, D. I. Chagin and V. A. Krat
531-533 Diffusion in an iron-graphite compact undergoing sintering by the thermal microscopy method
R. Z. Vlasyuk and I. D. Radomysel'skii
534-536 Dilatometric investigation of the sintering of compacts from titanium and iron powder mixtures
L. I. Kivalo, V. V. Skorokhod and V. Ya. Petrishchev
536-540 Anomalous behavior of liquid metals in flat capillaries formed by sintered composite solids
A. F. Lisovskii
541-545 Mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of P/M titanium filters
V. A. Pavlov and V. G. Kucherenko
546-550 Production of TiC-base cermets of different Fe + Ni binder concentrations in alternating layers
A. A. Kitsai, L. V. Kozlovskii, N. V. Kuchuk and S. S. Ordan'yan
550-553 Production of a dispersion-strengthened nickel-tungsten-aluminum alloy by mechanical alloying
B. N. Babich, N. E. Beresten', S. Ya. Vlasenko, Yu. A. Kustov and I. V. Romanovich
554-557 Diffusional homogenization of objects from ultrafine copper and nickel powders
L. N. Paritskaya, V. I. Novikov and V. S. Kruzhanov
558-563 High-temperature reactions of metals with gases I. Formation of chemical compound layer at a metal/gas interface. Kinetics of growth of a single-phase layer
V. I. Dybkov
564-567 Structural and morphological investigation of the oxidation of titanium diboride in various environments I. Oxidation of titanium diboride in air
A. N. Pilyankevich, S. V. Papyan and E. S. Lugovskaya
568-570 Reactions in the NbC-NbSi2 and NbB2-NbSi2 systems
E. K. Stepanenko, I. M. Dogadaeva and S. S. Ordan'yan
571-573 Thermodynamic properties of alloys of the manganese-silicon system in the ranges of existence of the silicides Mn9Si9 and Mn6Si
G. M. Lukashenko and V. R. Sidorko
574-578 Subcritical crack growth in sintered materials
G. A. Gogotsi and V. P. Zavada
578-582 Cathode materials with inclusions of an emission-active phase
G. G. Gnesin, G. V. Levchenko and R. B. Luban
582-584 Reactions of chromium carbides with an iron-base matrix phase
V. P. Chepeleva, V. G. Delevi, T. A. Lyudvinskaya, L. V. Trunevich and R. K. Tkachenko
585-588 Scope of an x-ray diffraction approach to the study of fine crystallographic features of the hexaborides of Ca, rare earth metals, and Th
I. G. Barantseva and Yu. B. Paderno
589-591 Determination of the adhesion of gasothermic coatings
V. M. Rogozhin, Yu. V. Smirnov and V. Ya. Petrov
592-594 Antifriction properties of an iron-base material containing a manganese ultraphosphate
Yu. M. Vasil'ev, G. A. Shvetsova, V. Ya. Berent and N. A. Bushe
595-597 Temperature dependence of the strength of sintered TiB2-Fe composites
S. S. Ordan'yan, B. Yu. Yuriditskii and I. B. Panteleev
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