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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1982 Vol. 21, №02 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1982 Vol. 21, №02 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
81-84 Purification of metal powders from oxide films in a jet mill
Yu. F. Bokii
84-93 Reduction and decarburization during the annealing of atomized iron-carbon alloy powders
A. F. Zhornyak and V. E. Oliker
94-98 Processes of biaxial deformation of porous solids and their optimization
M. B. Shtern
98-102 Role of plasticizer in the extrusion of zirconium carbide blanks
V. P. Bulychev and V. I. Tyurlenev
102-104 Pressing of parts of varying cross section
G. S. Baryshnikov and A. G. Gryazev
104-106 A two-dimensional stochastic model of the densification of powdered materials
V. M. Kaminskii, A. N. Nikolenko and I. Ya. Sidorenko
107-111 Effect of an electric current on the infiltration of a porous medium by liquid metal
A. I. Raichenko
112-116 Method of calculating self-cooling materials based on pseudoalloys
A. V. Vasil'ev, D. M. Karpinos, S. A. Kertser, Yu. V. Kondrat'ev and T. V. Kukhtareva, et al.
117-121 Preparation of silicon carbide from rice husks
S. N. Lakiza and Yu. P. Dyban'
122-124 Reactions in the VC0.88-VB2 system
S. S. Ordan'yan, L. A. Topchii, I. K. Khoroshilova and V. D. Chupov
124-126 Internal oxidation at a variable oxygen concentration on the surface of a flat specimen
N. M. Zaitseva and V. A. Kulikov
127-130 Reflection spectra of Geksanit-R polycrystals of various phase compositions
V. L. Primachuk, A. V. Bochko, L. A. Ivanchenko and T. R. Balan
130-133 Rolling of granulated alloys of the Al-Zn-Mg system
Yu. A. Gorbunov, I. G. Rusov, V. M. Fedorov and A. S. Sokolov
133-136 Determination of the chemical nonuniformity of distribution of elements in P/M materials
V. N. Antsiferov, N. N. Maslennikov, S. N. Peshcherenko and A. I. Rabinovich
136-140 Erosion wear of silver-nickel contact surfaces in low-voltage apparatus
G. N. Braterskaya, S. P. Kokhanovskii, V. N. Paderno and V. P. Smirnov
140-144 Effect of the diffusion of components of limited intersolubility on the conductivity of powder composites
Yu. P. Zarichnyak and E. Yu. Nikoshina
145-147 Reaction of TiB2 with Re
S. S. Ordan'yan, V. D. Chupov and O. V. Plakhuta
147-149 Choice of grade of ferric oxide and hot-pressing conditions for the preparation of high-permeability manganese-zinc ferrites
S. N. Mikharskii, V. P. Pashchenko, E. I. Osyka, A. Ya. Andreev and L. A. Finyushin, et al.
150-153 High-temperature electric insulating characteristics of plasma-deposited alumina coatings
D. Ya. Dudko, A. V. Primak, N. I. Fal'kovskii, D. M. Karpinos and Yu. I. Morozov, et al.
154-156 Magnetic properties of porous sheet materials
O. A. Katrus, A. K. Radchenko, L. N. Tul'chinskii and L. E. Lunin
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