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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1980 Vol. 19, №04 (articles)

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Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics 1980 Vol. 19, №04 (articles)
Springer. Английская версия украинского издания "Порошковая металлургия"
217-219 Experimental assessment of the rate of travel of metal particles in a gas stream
Yu. I. Naida, V. S. Ivanov, S. F. Fedorov and R. B. Manasyan
219-222 Shapes and sizes of powder particles in the main stages of manufacture of hard metals
K. S. Chernyavskii, L. A. Usova, N. N. Pirogova and L. G. Erkhova
223-230 Density variation during the deformation of powders in an open volume
O. A. Katrus
230-233 Modeling the hydrostatic pressing of powder materials in the press-container system
A. T. Gaivoronskii and Yu. A. Yakovlev
234-236 Microstructure formation in P/M carbon steels being synthesized from a mixture of iron powder and white cast iron
R. Z. Vlasyuk and I. D. Radomysel'skii
237-240 Densification of powder compacts during nonisothermal sintering II. Pore volume reduction during nonlinear and linear temperature rises
V. A. Ivensen and T. A. Rakoch
241-243 Conditions of formation of nickel coatings in detonation deposition
V. S. Klimenko and V. G. Skadin
243-248 Method of manufacture of high-speed steel from swarf and its properties
N. V. Manukyan, G. L. Petrosyan, Kh. L. Petrosyan and S. G. Agbalyan
248-252 Texture of boron nitride materials
A. D. Buravov and B. P. D'yakonov
253-255 Porosity measurements on detonation-deposited coatings
S. S. Bartenev, A. V. Kiiko and Yu. P. Fed'ko
256-260 Electric-spark alloying of steel with hetrophase materials based on ZrN and Al2O3
A. D. Verkhoturov, F. F. Egorov and V. T. Bondar'
260-264 Activated graphitization of carbon fibers in a composite material with a nickel matrix
V. E. Ovcharenko, L. A. Turovets, E. F. Dudarev, A. A. Zabolotskii and V. F. Tregubov, et al.
265-268 Mechanical properties of dispersion-strengthened Cu-Al2O3 materials
É. T. Denisenko, I. M. Fedorchenko, A. P. Polushko, M. Besterci and B. Štefan, et al.
269-272 Use of refractory metal borides for electric-spark alloying electrodes
R. A. Alfintseva, L. G. Bodrova and A. D. Verkhoturov
273-277 Reactions of HfB2 with Re and Cr
S. S. Ordan'yan
277-282 Some features of the structural state of tungsten deposited from the vapor phase
O. N. Grigor'ev, Yu. V. Mil'man, G. E. Khomenko, V. F. Solov'ev and G. A. Rymashevskii, et al.
282-286 Effect of dielectric gaps on the conductance of resistance composites
É. A. Bondarenko, A. A. Pyatkin, V. G. Grebenkina and O. A. Garaimovich
286-289 Capillary infiltration of high-porosity nickel strips by lead
M. A. Tolstaya, S. P. Chizhik, N. M. Khokhlacheva, M. E. Shilovskaya and L. K. Grigor'eva
290-292 Solubility of molybdenum in copper-nickel melts
O. K. Teodorovich, M. M. Churakov and L. I. Kostenetskaya
293-294 Corrosion resistance of sintered TiC-steel alloys
J. P. Kubarsepp, L. E. Valdma and V. A. Kallast
295-297 Effect of diffusional siliconizing on the porous structure of an iron-base material
V. S. Pugin, P. A. Kornienko, N. P. Pavlenko and O. D. Bussel'
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