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Pade J. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1: Fundamentals

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Pade J. Quantum Mechanics for Pedestrians 1: Fundamentals
Springer, 2014. - 452 pp.
This book provides an introduction into the fundamentals of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. In Part 1, the essential principles are developed. Applications and extensions of the formalism can be found in Part
2. The book includes not only material that is presented in traditional textbooks on quantum mechanics, but also discusses in detail current issues such as interaction-free quantum measurements, neutrino oscillations, various topics in the field of quantum information as well as fundamental problems and epistemological questions, such as the measurement problem, entanglement, Bell's inequality, decoherence, and the realism debate. A chapter on current interpretations of quantum mechanics concludes the book. To develop quickly and clearly the main principles of quantum mechanics and its mathematical formulation, there is a systematic change between wave mechanics and algebraic representation in the first chapters. The required mathematical tools are introduced step by step. Moreover, the appendix collects compactly the most important mathematical tools that supplementary literature can be largely dispensed. In addition, the appendix contains advanced topics, such as Quantum Zeno effect, time-delay experiments, Lenz vector and the Shor algorithm. About 250 exercises, most of them with solutions, help to deepen the understanding of the topics.
Target groups of the book are student teachers and all students of physics, as minor or major, looking for a reasonably easy and modern introduction into quantum mechanics.
Towards the Schrodinger Equation.
More on the Schrodinger Equation.
Complex Vector Spaces and Quantum Mechanics.
Two Simple Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation.
Interaction-Free Measurement.
Position Probability.
Neutrino Oscillations.
Expectation Values, Mean Values, and Measured Values.
Stopover; then on to Quantum Cryptography.
Abstract Notation.
Continuous Spectra.
Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.
Appendix A: Abbreviations and Notations.
Appendix B: Units and Constants.
Appendix C: Complex Numbers.
Appendix D: Calculus I.
Appendix E: Calculus II.
Appendix F: Linear Algebra I.
Appendix G: Linear Algebra II.
Appendix H: Fourier Transforms and the Delta Function.
Appendix I: Operators.
Appendix J: From Quantum Hopping to the Schrodinger Equation.
Appendix K: The Phase Shift at a Beam Splitter.
Appendix L: The Quantum Zeno Effect.
Appendix M: Delayed Choice and the Quantum Eraser.
Appendix N: The Equation of Continuity.
Appendix O: Variance, Expectation Values.
Appendix P: On Quantum Cryptography.
Appendix Q: Schrodinger Picture, Heisenberg Picture, Interaction Picture.
Appendix R: The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.
Appendix S: System and Measurement: Some Concepts.
Appendix T: Exercises and Solutions.
Further Reading.
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