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Molecules and Cells 2013 Vol.35 №05

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Molecules and Cells 2013 Vol.35 №05
Springer. — 105 p.
Molecules and Cells is an international on-line open-access journal devoted to the advancement and dissemination of fundamental knowledge in molecular and cellular biology. It was launched in 1990 and ISO abbreviation is 'Mol. Cells'. Reports on a broad range of topics of general interest to molecular and cell biologists are published. It is published monthly by the Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Emerging Tools for Synthetic Genome Design. Bo-Rahm Lee, Suhyung Cho, Yoseb Song, Sun Chang Kim, and Byung-Kwan Cho
Phytochrome-Interacting Factors Have Both Shared and Distinct Biological Roles. Jinkil Jeong, and Giltsu Choi
Rice Small C2-Domain Proteins Are Phosphorylated by Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase. Chang Ho Kang, Byeong Cheol Moon, Hyeong Cheol Park, Sung Cheol Koo, Yong Hun Chi, Yong Hwa Cheong, Byung-Dae Yoon, Sang Yeol Lee, and Cha Young Kim
CCCTC-Binding Factor Controls Its Own Nuclear Transport via Regulating the Expression of Importin
13. Rong Wang, Jingjing Shen, Peitang Huang, and Xudong Zhu
Arginase II Inhibited Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Cell Death by Regulation of iNOS and Bcl-2 Family Proteins in Macrophages. Eun Ji Lee, Yu Ran Lee, Hee Kyoung Joo, Eun Jung Cho, Sunga Choi, Kyung-Cheol Sohn, Sang Do Lee, Jin Bong Park, and Byeong Hwa Jeon
OsCpn60α1, Encoding the Plastid Chaperonin 60α Subunit, Is Essential for Folding of rbcL. Sung-Ryul Kim, Jung-Il Yang, and Gynheung An
Relative Antioxidant Activities of Quercetin and Its Structurally Related Substances and Their Effects on NF-κB/CRE/AP-1 Signaling in Murine Macrophages. Byung-Hak Kim, Jung Sook Choi, Eun Hee Yi, Jin-Ku Lee, Cheolhee Won, Sang-Kyu Ye, and Myoung-Hwan Kim
Abiotic Stress Responsive Rice ASR1 and ASR3 Exhibit Different Tissue-Dependent Sugar and Hormone-Sensitivities. Joungsu Joo, Youn Hab Lee, Yeon-Ki Kim, Baek Hie Nahm, and Sang Ik Song
The Effect of Amino Density on the Attachment, Migration, and Differentiation of Rat Neural Stem Cells In Vitro. Hai-Long Li, Han Zhang, Hua Huang, Zhen-Qiang Liu, Yan-Bing Li, Hao Yu, and Yi-Hua An
NeuroD Regulates Neuronal Migration. Woo-Young Kim
EphrinA5-EphA7 Complex Induces Apoptotic Cell Death Via TNFR
1. Haeryung Lee, Eunjeong Park, Yujin Kim, and Soochul Park
The Establishment of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures on 96-Well Plates for High-Throughput Screening. Meeyoung Cho, Tae-Jun Cho, Jeong Mook Lim, Gene Lee, and Jaejin Cho
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