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Garcia A. Numerical Methods for Physics

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Garcia A. Numerical Methods for Physics
2nd ed. — N.-Y.: Addison-Wesley, 1999. —- 423 p.
This book covers a broad spectrum of the most important, basic numerical and analytical techniques used in physics —including ordinary and partial differential equations, linear algebra, Fourier transforms, integration and probability. Now language-independent. Features attractive new 3-D graphics. Offers new and significantly revised exercises. Replaces FORTRAN listings with C++, with updated versions of the FORTRAN programs now available on-line. Devotes a third of the book to partial differential equations—e.g., Maxwell's equations, the diffusion equation, the wave equation, etc. This numerical analysis book is designed for the programmer with a physics background.
Ordinary Differential Equations I: Basic Methods.
Ordinary Differential Equations II: Advanced Methods.
Solving Systems of Equations.
Analysis of Data.
Partial Differential Equations I: Foundations and Explicit Methods.
Partial Differential Equations II: Advanced Explicit Methods.
Partial Differential Equations III: Relaxation and Spectral Methods.
Partial Differential Equations IV: Stability and Implicit Methods.
Special Functions and Quadrature.
Stochastic Methods.
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