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Fisher P., Unwin D.J. Re-presenting GIS

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Fisher P., Unwin D.J. Re-presenting GIS
Chippenham: John Wiley & Sons. – 2005. – 305 p. Re-presenting GIS in the third in a series of edited volumes, stretching back to 1994, that share a common format and approach. Visualization in Geographical Information Systems (Hearnshaw and Unwin, 1994) established the style and this was followed in 2002 by Virtual Reality in Geography (Fisher and Unwin, 2002). These volumes are alike in three respects. First, all have a content that sits, according to taste, at the interface between academic geography and computer science or in the now well-established and mature field of geographic information science. Second, although all have been edited collections, the temptation to produce yet another set of vaguely connected solicited conference papers has in each case been avoided by use of a more collaborative approach. This involved the use of a residential seminar/workshop extending over several days at which all the individual chapter authors were present to discuss each other’s contributions and, critically, to work as teams to produce the scene-setting introductions to each section of the final book. Individual chapters were also revised in the light of the formal and informal discussions. Third, this approach must have some initial support.
List of Contributors
Re-presenting Geographical Information Systems
Not Just Objects: Reconstructing Objects
Social Dimensions of Object Definition in GIS
The Linguistic Trading Zones of Semantic Interoperability
GIS, Worldmaking and Natural Language
Land Use and Land Cover: Contradiction or Complement
Transformation of Geographic Information using Crisp, Fuzzy and Rough Semantics
Uncertainty and Geographic Information: Computational and Critical Convergence
Not Just Space: An Introduction
The QSS Framework for Modelling Qualitative Change: Prospects and Problems
Network Geography: Relations, Interactions, Scaling and Spatial Processes in GIS
The Nature of Everyday Experience: Examples from the Study of Visual Space
Time As Well: An Introduction
Spatio-Temporal Ontology for Digital Geographies
Modeling and Visualizing Linear and Cyclic Changes
What about People in Geographic Information Science?
Dynamic Spatial Modelling in the Simile Visual Modelling Environment
Telling Stories with Models: Reflecting on Land Use and Ecological Trends in the San Pedro Watershed
Conclusion: Towards a Research Agenda
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